Until Dawn..!!

She wore no make-up as she walked into empty streets of loneliness and remorse. Who was she looking for, she didn’t know. An echo was all she had to comfort her, as even her shadow played hide and seek with moon preferring to stay behind clouds. She knew it was going to rain all night long and all she had was million miles of unanswered journey. She believed in her dawn only this time it didn’t seem so inevitable.
Few more miles of sobbing in a world that seemed so silent, she found friends in lamp posts, street lights, empty parked cars and long line of expressionless buildings covering her path to nowhere. ‘Hello’ she said to each and everyone who came her way, she would smile, talk and share all she could, because she knew they didn’t care, they won’t judge and they won’t definitely say things that would hurt. She liked dancing with shadows on walls, jumping around with empty cans on ground and there was nothing better than climbing up the forgotten dusty cars left unwanted for days.
The dark lonely street was her world, the non-verbal objects of world were here friends and she was walking ahead, looking for a turn where she would find dawn. She heard no one else, there was no music and it was all dark and grey with no other color, but she knew it was all she had. It would be her world before she walks into magical shiny dawn… it would be her life until dawn.
Someday she would find her dawn, not the one where the shadows return, the empty street gets filled with faces asking questions, throwing  thousands of hurtful words at her, where she walks back to being a mannequin with fake smile and lying eyes. She believes her dawn would come too, where she would leave her silent dark friends to find faces who wouldn’t ask questions, eyes with nothing but love for her and a place where she just wouldn’t know how to stack so much of happiness.
Till then she takes a walk alone every night with rains, snow, spring leaves and summer heat, with no one but dark lonely nights. Till then she walks alone on streets with no one like her. Till then she lives in a world where silent unloving objects prove as her best friends.