The Beautiful Blogger…!!!!

Sweet Whitney Rains has once again honored me with another awesome nomination and i cant thank her enough. I have been nominated for The Beautiful Blogger and i think i’m smiling right now because being nominated is more special than winning. Nominations are nothing but love of fellow bloggers and that’s big.

Whitney Rains thank you so much for your love and kindness…how do i thank you for making my day again? 🙂 To all my wordpress friends, please check out Whitney’s amazing blog

She is creative, is working on a idea of a good book and loves Yoga.

Okay, rules are simple…share 7 things and nominate 7 bloggers (also let them know about the nomination)

I can do that…lets see.

7 new things about me –

1 – I want a tattoo and maybe someday  i will get one

2 – I’m a messy girl

3 – I’m obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and Revenge

4 – I cry every time my Snowy is unwell

5 – I plan to join guitar classes and I’m already looking for them

6 – I think i can be an excellent cook if i want to

7 – I was a crazy Nancy Drew fan and there is a story behind “how Nancy Drew changed my life”

I think that wasn’t difficult… now nominating other bloggers.


My Little Ponderings


Blank Kanvas

All Those Little Things I Like

Pia Valentin Poetry

Tales of Twisted Fibers

I like Photo Blog

These are 8 of the few (out of the many) amazing bloggers i know…i added 8 because, today only, i found blog number 8 and it is beautiful so i thought break the rules make it 8.