…Weekend marry me if you can…!!

Yep! Thatโ€™s how i feel right now. Happy and liberated.

I have two cups of Mississippi mud from Baskin and Robins and two cups of Mocha pudding stacked up for next 2 days. In fact, i also plan to visit my novels this weekend. I have been missing real good mystery novels, but blogging and TV serials take all my time. Ooooh! I think i should make a To-Do list.

Great idea Little… ๐Ÿ™‚

Things i plan to do this weekend:

Sleep till late

Finish two cups of dark chocolate ice-cream

Finish two cups of Mocha pudding

Start with a fresh book

Buy my mum a small gift

Watch some movie

Play badminton with my brother

Play chess online against computer

Do some rope skipping

Make a nice salad

Enjoy nice cup of coffees made by self

Jump Dance a little on my bed

Clean my wardrobe

Irritate my snowy with lots of hugs

Watch at least one animation movie

Watch Greys anatomy, Glee, Revenge and Raising Hope

Work on Dominique

Drive my scooter and not car

Miss my friends a little more

Dream of a love story

Blog and blog

Phew! 2 days and so much of living to do…time to get started. Opening pudding number 1 and starting with Revenge.

A Very Happy Weekend to you….!!!!

P.S Voices are wondering whether am high right now. No im not, it’s just one of those days when I’m happy without a reason. Shh…lets not scare the happy moment. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy.