I promise…!!!!

Even as I look at you walking on the aisle towards me I can’t help but go back to the day we met, the day you told me you love me and I turned you down, the day I realized I was in love with you, the day I thought I lost you and the day we kissed.

You are a story I will never forget, you are pillar I stand on and you are the face I wish to see every morning for the rest of my life. You are all I want and need for every second of everyday.

If I could say how thankful I’m, believe me it would take years and I don’t know if I would still be able to finish saying it. Fate brought us together, you kept us close and now as I take your hand I promise to keep us forever for thousand years and even more.

I promise to give you all the happiness you deserve, I promise to never let you cry, I promise to love till eternity and I give you myself forever my love. Even when I told you I don’t love you, I know I was lying because I could feel pain inside. Thank you my love for having me, for being crazily in love with me.

As I look into your eyes and tell you how much I love you and promise an honest “I Do”, I know there is nothing and no one I can love more. I see tears in your eyes and I feel them too, I know you are happy. I wish I could just say I love you but that would not sum up even a percent of what I feel for you. I LOVE YOU is the truth of me but it’s not even close to what I feel. Maybe someday I will make you feel it, till then I promise to write you a letter every day, a letter letting you know you are and will always be the center of my world, you are all my life, your absence even for a second hurts and I can give everything to wake up next to you every morning, with you smiling at me with those beautiful eyes that make me fall in love every day.

My dear, I promise to love you and promise to keep singing those 3 little words day and night.

Oh Come On! Shonda Rhimes WTF

Okay i have officially declared Shonda Rhimes a crazy woman, because she likes to kill her characters. I just finished watching the 23rd episode of Grey’s Anatomy Season 8 and now i’m sad, because i know in the finale episode one of the character is going to die.

Till now so many of my favorite characters have died or left the show, im living with it and i will continue doing it but still WTF. Please tell me why on earth cant we have happy ending to Greys Anatomy…i mean if i cant have happy ending in fiction then how am i suppose to believe that it exists in real life.

Gosh! I guess i am little angry right now…thanks to Shonda Rhimes. I hope she doesn’t kill Robins, because i like Robins. I love Robins…i think she is the only person in this show who smiles all the time, is happy and cheery all the time. In a show of dark and twisted interns, happy Robins is important. I hope they don’t kill Mark or Lexie. Just when i thought they were going to come back together being a cute couple, they end up in a plane crash. Seriously? Come on.

I know who all are not dying and i’m not worried about the main characters, but i’m really worried about others. I miss George and Izzie and it took me a lot of time to get over their exit.  I mean she even killed Mandy Moore’s guest character and that too with an undiagnosed disease. I mean her character literally survived an open shootout in the hospital but dies of some disease doctors didn’t knew about. why why why..

Okay! Little pull your crap up. Take a deep breath. Yes! Good you can do it.

Noooooo….Robins, please don’t let it be Robins or Lexie or Mark.. PUHLEEEEEZZZ