Sometims i take a walk back…!!!!

I have been doing it a lot

Taking a walk back

Like going through a book

From the memory rack

I think of days spent together

Walks in rainy weather

For some reason

I remember every season

Lived with you

Lived loving you

If only I could see

The wall with names

Of you and me

Thinking of us makes me smile

Even if it’s for a while

We were crazy and in love

When I think too much

Reality turns into a dagger

There is no pain bigger

Than your absence

Knowing we won’t be same

Even for once

But I still don’t mind

Talking a walk back

Raising the curtain to peek behind

Sometimes I feel you around

Sometimes I hear the sound

I know you don’t live there

Not anymore

But I see it like it was

Everything like it was

I dream of you and I

Under the same old sky

Walking hands in hands

Making same prints on sand

Its strange how I can feel

Just the same

By whispering your name

Sometimes I take a walk back

To the bench we sat on

The day changes turned on

We sat in silence

Life felt on a fence

You told me

The way it has to be

I told you I can’t I wont

You smiled

I could feel tears

You were trying to hide

You walked away

There was nothing to say

We were young

We had a song

Not anymore

Nothing like before

I walk back to what’s gone

To the happiness not known