Hey Mom, I Can’t Find My 3D Glasses…!!

Have you ever dreamt a 3D dream? How crazy does that sound? A 3D dream might sound like some science concept being designed by a bunch of geeks on their computer screens in the cold environment of a lab. Only it isn’t.

This morning I woke up to another of my sci-fi dream and this one felt different and more real, because this one was graphically enhanced. No I’m not joking I had one of those end-of-the-world movie kind of dreams where group of people are trying to survive while everything is coming to end or destroying. Like those movies World After Tomorrow, 2012 and I Am Legend, only mine had a 3 Dimensional touch to it. True Story…!!

When I woke up I was like “Whoa!” and I can still remember a lot of details clearly, so clearly that I can literally say that this was nothing but a 3D dream. Believe me when I say, that there was a scene where buildings were falling apart and everything was moving…remember that scene in Inception where Leonardo takes Ellen Page for a dream walk where buildings and streets are turning and twisting…and the scene where on the beach the buildings are collapsing and falling in water. The same Kind. Yep! I had a sci-fi dream again but with a 3D kind of graphics. This one comes under the coolest-dream-ever category; I mean my last two end of the world kind of dreams were also great but less graphically enhanced.

I like these dreams because it feels like a movie, I have a story in the dream, I’m among the lead characters and nobody dies in the movie. Better than dreams where I’m getting married to someone I don’t know, where someone is dying or leaving me, where I’m falling, where my elevator is going crazy and refuses to stop, where I’m having some kind of conversation with people from my real life. Believe me fictional and fantasy dreams are always awesome, especially when they have graphics to them.

To be honest it felt like I was traveling between Inception, I’m Legend and Sucker Punch…!!