Everything I do has a reason, except loving you…!!!!

I love you but its okay

Because I will never say

You once asked me to

Write something about you

I have been doing it

I have been saying it

Only you don’t know

And I will never show

I don’t know why I do

But I love you

I am okay

I would like to say

But I guess I lie a lot

Your love is a knot

I’m tied to

There is no reason

But I still love you

You used to sing songs

I used to roll my eyes along

Truth is I loved it

I wish I could say it

Sometimes I find you

In a similar face

In someone who smiles like you

In someone with eyes like you

It stops my heart

Even though I know

We have grown apart

You have gone

And I am all alone

But I still love you

No reason

I just do…!!