Anyone but me… or maybe not…!!

Sometimes I read blogs of other people and I say to myself if only I was like her, without wondering what that would mean. I mean what if the happy go lucky person on the other blog talking about a nice life might not have things that I have. What then? Truth is we all end up wishing we were someone else when we are low, at least I do.

But I would be lying if I said I really mean it, because I have a good life and I wouldn’t give away my friends or family. But then probably it’s the fact that my life is all about inevitability. There are things that are going to happen no matter what I do or say. I’m either going to make things go my way or walk with the wind, either ways it’s going to be crazy.

Lately I have decided to work on things I would like to do before I die…not because I’m dying. Well, I love myself too much; even king of narcissism knows that. But I think if life is going to walk on its own path, I better walk doing things I love. So, I have been asking around about good guitar classes and I think I have found one. My brother is pretty confident that it’s just a phase and I would give up on it like my last “I want to learn French” adventure. While, I love to be my own PR expert I would not deny this. Yes, I can be a quitter but this time I don’t plan to because Guitar is just the first step.

If am going down with life’s inevitability I’m going my way. This may sound pretty cool but am not really in a good mood right now. I am not sad am just numb, because I need a good sleep. If only I was not working at Gotham City, my pet name for my workplace.

I just found some old pictures in one of my memory card and I went through them to see if I have them saved. Going through old pictures or pages of diary makes me want to jump inside and relive them, knowing that I would still end up at this bed with this laptop and this post. Who cares? It would be worth.