Dear Music, Thank You….!!!!

Even back when i was a teenager with braces and too much of hatred for Math classes, I was inseparable from my headphones and now it’s like another part of me, just a detachable one. I don’t have many big favourites, I haven’t been to any concert and my biggest problem is that I can hardly remember the lyrics, yet I think music is a major part of my life. Specially now, when everything else seems crazy.

Some songs make me relive the love I never had, some make me find that confidence I don’t have, some let me get lost in a world that doesn’t exist and others just end up being a friend who help me feel better. Every morning I brush to a song, I drive to office with a song, I work with my headphones glued to my ears, I drive back with a song and I write my blog with a song in background. Silence has always been more depressing than truth, music makes reality look far away.

Music doesn’t heal a thing but it does act like a colorful cartoon a Band-Aid that makes a person, in pain, smile.

I have a problem; I listen to happy songs only when am I going through one of those “I don’t give a damn” phase. There are some songs that I can’t live without, just can’t. I need them in my phone like a drug, even if I don’t listen to them because you never know when you need a shot of painkiller…right?

Rumor has it/Someone like you, Nothing else matter, Where the lonely one roams, Can’t let go, Jar of Hearts, The Story, A thousand Words, Lover After Me,  Iris and Rolling in the Deep are songs I need to have with me all the time…I don’t care if I listen to them or not.

God forbid I have a super bad day, and I don’t have these songs with me…who will save me? Every Super Hero needs a weapon, Spider Man has his web, Batman has the batmobile, Hulk has his anger (I still wonder how is he a super hero), IronMan has his suit and Superman…ah well okay he has genes of Krypton, what else can I say he has no weapon….my point being, like every Super Hero has a weapon to fight his battle, I consider Music as my super power.

Truth is today I had a busy day, like past few days, so I was away from my seat working hard to make my boss earn millions while I get to enjoy peanuts. Back to the point, after a long day I finally get back to my seat, make myself tea and put on my headphones and there I was feeling better, smiling and telling myself “few more hours Little”. Just then this thought came to my mind, what would I have done without my headphones and the songs in my phones? That’s when i whispered “Thankyou” to music for being there.

What would I do without music in my life? I need music even when i’m writing Dominique because it helps me think, picture and create…which reminds me I haven’t written a word for so long. Damn it! Little.


P.S I think i saw some kind of alien bird today, but since it was just me its hard to explain. my mom was there too, while i was trying to show her the left side of the sky she was looking at the right sky. And now my brother is having time of his life making alien jokes on me. 😛