My name is Little…!!

Before I start with today’s post I just want to say I love Glee, I love Glee so so damn much and I’m going to miss it now that the season is over. Although am yet to watch the finale, am already sad.

Have you ever had a moment where you see something that reminds you of something you always wanted, something you still want, but couldn’t have and won’t ever have and how seeing it brings a smile to your face (at first) and then you have tears rolling downs? Tears you have to hide right then, right there, because you have no explanation.

Human emotions are complicated specially if you are as twisted as me, because you just can’t explain the sudden rush of feelings that come and go without giving you a warning.

I’m not a very complicated person, am one of the easiest puzzle to crack it’s just that I pretend to be ultra crazy. Today after watching Glee I realized how much I dig happy endings, how much I dig people with happy smiley faces…I may be broken but I always like to see others happy. My level of Narcissism only sticks to buying me presents to help me feel better.

Anyhow, this post wasn’t supposed to be about my favourite shows like Glee or Greys’s and my love for them because they give me that rush of emotions where I laugh and end up crying.

Today, I had a weird realization.

Have you ever had an urge to befriend a complete stranger so that you can just talk your heart out, without worrying because you know that person doesn’t even know you? Have you ever had an urge of sharing things with someone you don’t know because you know his/her judgement won’t hurt you as much as the judgement of people you love?

I think that’s one reason why I started blogging, apart from the fact that like to write things. Of course I do consider my simple knowledge of writing things as the prime reason, because I know I can write…I once had a dream of becoming a journalist or a published writer which ended into a worthless job of being Batman in Gotham city. But, apart from my need to keep the writer in me alive, I also blog because I find people I don’t know, people who don’t know me and wouldn’t mind whatever I have to say.

The urge to spill the truth in front of someone you don’t know is like a sudden need to get high during the day, hard to resist but you just have to do it.

I often imagine myself as Forest Gump and hope someday I will be sitting on a bench with a stranger and talking about a story…story of me. I imagine myself talking and then the stranger just nodding; giving me shocked or concerned level of eye brow movements and then walking away as I breathe in the lightness of unloading the heaviness, even if it’s for just a while.

You and me on a bench

i say ‘hello my name is Little’

you listen you smile

i talk and talk

you smile & take a walk

i wait for another you

as there is more than a word or two…!!!!


4 thoughts on “My name is Little…!!

  1. Hello Little..! It’s nice to meet you 😛

    “Human emotions are complicated” … So true.. They indeed are..

    I have a lot to write here.. But it’s okay..I wont use much of your space here.. 😉 you seem low and i know there is no point askin why.. All I can say..spend your weekend with loads of fun..Come back on monday, start afresh.. A fresh start in a gotham city is more worthy than a lazy start in heaven 😀 haha .. Enjoy .. HW

  2. I really can relate to what you’re saying. I pretty much feel the same.
    But somehow I find that most people are either listeners or talkers, and seldom both, even though that’s how it should be, everyone should be both. I think I’m a listener, I would love to be a talker, just once in a while. But I guess that is why I write – so that people will listen to me 🙂

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