Don’t kiss me goodnight

Don’t wave me goodbye

Let’s spend the night

Dancing and watching the sky

Take my hand

Let’s walk on the sand

There is a sea

There is you and me

Don’t just go away

Don’t just hug and say

‘You will miss me’

Let me follow you a little more

Let me sing “I’m yours”

Don’t just let the night end

Don’t say we are just friends

I know you like me too

I see you stealing a glance too

Let’s dance under the stars

Let me fill this moment in a jar

Don’t just put on the coat

Let me built us a boat

Let’s just row away

In the night till it’s another day

Don’t just tell me “see you again”

Sit down maybe it’s going to rain

We have all the time tonight

Let the pain take a flight

Lie down next to me

Look at me

Don’t just believe it’s over now

I have a story to tell

Of when I fell in love with you n how…!!!!

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