Am so Awesome…even Darkness loves me…!!

I wasn’t planning to blog today but what the heck a couple of songs and a scoop of bloody ice-cream can do wonders.  So if you like my blog you can thank Baskin & Robins and Music, if you think I have a crappy blog please write an angry letter to the above mentioned ice-cream shop and to God for creating music.

Today I found a new singer Ingrid Michaelson and I like her now, have been listening to her few past one hour. It was a crazy day because all I did was meeting and meeting, bloody tiring. At one point I think my boss caught me yawning and closing my eyes in the meeting. O boy! Even that didn’t help me. Didn’t get to sit on my seat today after second half of the day and I missed my tea.

This morning I woke up to one of those crazy dreams where I stand face to face against one of my fears. It felt so real and scary, probably that’s why when I woke up I couldn’t go back to sleep again, like I always do and regret because I’m always Latteee.

What can I say every time I think “wow it’s been so long my mood hasn’t wavered much” bloody I jinx it. All I can I’m so awesome even darkness cant resists me for long and comes back. I think I’m like a prized possession for sunshine and darkness, both of them fight over me and darkness being the bad lover cheats and keeps me to self. But yes sometimes sunshine ends up stealing me away, even if for a while. God I’m so Awesome..!!

Hey Voices do you hear that am so Awesome everyone wants a piece of me even the shadows, the fear, the emptiness, the tears and the inevitability. Say something now…haan? Can’t hear you now. I know you won’t say a thing today…jealous-much…?