Versatile and Beautiful Blogger Award….!!!!!

Few days back I received nomination for Versatile-and-beautiful-blogger award by one of my WP friend But due to the kind of mood I was in I was delaying the acknowledgment of the award because that would be so wrong to say ‘YaY I got an award’ while I’m listening to Savage Garden’s Gunning Down Romance.

How Anxious’s blog is sort of like my blog…it reminds me of me I don’t know why, maybe because HA writes things happening in life, true feeling. I too write things happening to me, indirectly I project my mood to readers who don’t know me but love to send me hugs and smiles when I’m down.  HowAnxious is as awesome as me, believe me and I would like to thank my friend HA for giving me the nomination and for writing honest and true.

Okay rules, 7 things about me…

1 – I can’t swim

2 – I love to observe people when they think no one is watching them…this includes only my loved ones. I don’t stare at strangers because that would make me creepy.  😛

3 – I find Alice Cullen more pretty than Bella in Twilight movie

4- I once reached my college in 11 minutes which isn’t supposed to happen because my college is sort of far from my place. I remember some guy screaming at me because I think we were going to collide. I used to drive my scooter like crazy back then.

5 – I am desperate to win this years’ office chess tournament.

6- I don’t like to go to weddings

7- I love FRIENDS more than How I Met Your Mother. I can watch it again and again and laugh like crazy.

Now people to nominate

They are some of my favorite bloggers, seriously. Just visit them once and you would fall in love with them, like i’m. There should be an award where i can nominate everyone i know on WordPress, because they are all so bloody awesome.

A song i found on one of the blogs i follow WordPress. I think you might like it too.


13 thoughts on “Versatile and Beautiful Blogger Award….!!!!!

  1. Congratulation on another nomination.. U deserve it..

    btw, i was aware of almost all the secrets but 2 and 5 are new to me . Actually even 5 is almost precitable.. But 2 is new to me :).. Are you practicing for the chess touranament? U will win 🙂

  2. 🙂 i know.. And if they are concious.. Stare goes waste 🙂 i used to do that many a times to one special person…

    U should start practicing the moves.. Try n beat me 😉 (ok thats a false provocation, but if that intimidates be it hehe)

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