Little and Dexter …!!!!!

I am not a big fan of Sunday, I mean I love Sunday but it’s not as great as Friday evening or Saturday. Sunday is usually a tunnel to Gotham city, it’s like a sweet poison…its nice but it ends up quickly and next thing you know Monday Monster is staring right into your eyes with a smirk smile that says F you. Anyhow, but then I can’t totally ignore Sundays and label them bad because they are the reason Saturdays are awesome. If there was no Sunday, Saturday would have become the tunnel to Monday blues. So how was my Sunday?

I think I woke pretty damn late, missing all the morning daylight. I then made amazingly spicy noodles. I for a change played a game of chess, checked my blog and tried to steal few bites from what my mom and brother were having for lunch, thus not having lunch. After few here and there, I took a bath and got ready for Library. As you know, I don’t have a good book to read and also I have to find me Harry Potter (Yes, Ana I’m going to read it as soon as I get my hands on it).

Just when I was ready to go Dexter (my nickname for my brother) said he wants to come along, because he is bored staying home and studying all day. So here we are, on our way to library. Plan was simple – visit library, find something nice to read, get myself takeaway coffee, and get his watch fixed and come back home. Estimated time – one  and Half hour (we added 30 minutes extra just in case the traffic turns bad).

Here is how things actually went-

We drove to library arguing on which song to play, while he was begging for Linkin Park or Eminem I was all about Avril, Glee songs or Ingrid Michaelson. We both settled on Nelly Furtado, but by then we had almost reached our destination. Spending few quick disappointed minutes in library (because they did not have Harry Potter) we walked away with “The Redbreast” by Jo Nesbo. Some critic has called the author “The Next Stieg Larsson”, which I really don’t think is possible because the Stieg Larsson series was a classic.

It maybe good, but i doubt it can beat Lisbeth Salander series

Now we drove towards the market to get his watch fixed

Dexter: Maybe we can check out Jack n Johns sunglasses

Me: oh come on…really? I’m hungry let’s eat something

Dexter: I’m not having junk food, I spend all my time in Gym…I want abs

Me: boring, fine I will have coffee and then you can search for your sunglasses

We went to one of my favourite coffee shops and I got myself expensive but pretty damn amazing cold coffee.

Dexter: I thought you were hungry

Me (Sipping my coffee like a crazy kid): I am but for now this will do

Just strong enough to make me smile

So we shopped for his sunglasses, I really think they are good. If only I could buy me one too, but nothing suits my face cut.

This is me waiting for Dexter, who was busy choosing his sunglasses

Dexter: Let’s go now

Me: I want jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans jeans

So I tried few shops but no one had a dark blue jeans and I was heartbroken. I almost gave up my search when I found me just what I wanted. A perfect dark blue jeggings.

I forgot my cam was on zoom so its not looking good here…but its awesome..

We drove back home happy and tired, we were no longer fighting on the song and we both loved the outing. It was after a long time that we both went out together to city; usually he does offer to drive me to city.

Dexter: Where is your Subway?

Me: oh I forgot I wanted to eat….Yay! Subway…

All I can say is it was a good Sunday, though I really wanted to watch Madagascar 3 but maybe next time…I can’t wait to see this movie. Love love love Madagascar.



9 thoughts on “Little and Dexter …!!!!!

  1. Wooo hoooo.. Swiss mocha frappe, new denims…subway.. What more can one want from a sunday.. ! Some pretty amazing stuff u did.. Good going

  2. I just randomly swung by your blog, its pretty cool, so I think ill just press follow, and see what you may think of writing next. 😉 Hope we can follow eachother a bit!

    Btw, SUBWAY RULES. 😉

  3. What kind of library is that that doesn’t have Harry Potter? They should be sued! Well, hope you get to read it at some point. At least you had a great Sunday, that is always a good way of getting to Monday. The jeans look nice and I like your converse.

  4. See.. the subway guys remember your face.. U r the junk dudette 😛 .. It’s been a long time since I had a swiss mocha frappe.. Reminds me too, of the times spent in barista sipping that awesome coffee 🙂 ..BTW, Was it too sweet just the way I have it?

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