Reader’s Appreciation Award & The Cuddly Award…!!!!

Okay I did not blog yesterday and didn’t even go through other blogs, apologies. Reason being my mind went into a shutdown mode; I knew I had to sleep before I end up turning into a sleepless zombie monster. So yesterday I thought I will give my mind the much required early rest, thus I slept early…whoa! I just heard the voices applaud…Mean!!!!

Today I want to say thank you to two amazing blog friends of mine for sending me love through awesome award nominations.

Note: Since i’m thanking my blog friends, i want to start with Lisa for being so nice and generous. Thank you Lisa for your guidance. She helped me with few of my questions on Yoga.

Both Whitney Rains and Meeka have sent me two unbelievable nominations Reader’s Appreciation Award and the Cuddlies. How cool is that? I say Very…

So I will go one by one…

Reader’s Appreciation award

(The name itself is so awesome 🙂 )

Few days back I received Reader’s Appreciation award by super amazing Whitney Rains, who has always been kind to me and sent me love through nominations. I can’t thank her enough. Whitney is inspiring and a true fighter. Best part about Whitney is that she is a writer and often shares post that teach a newbie like me new things about writing. Dear Whitney, thank you again…!!

Rules say – For this award, you must choose six bloggers whose blogs you enjoy reading and say what you’ve been up to lately.

What I have been up to? Hmm, I don’t know what to say. Well on professional front I’m trying to like my office but fail every day, because it’s not work it’s me or maybe its work. On personal level, I finished reading a novel who end I almost guessed in half way, thus i wasn’t impressed. I’m going to meet my one of my super awesome friend this weekend (she stays in another city), after that I’m going for a wedding and then a trip to Srinagar, Kashmir which my friends is a beautiful place. My excitement is on cloud 9 because of sudden travel plans. But, I’m sad about leaving my Snowy for a week and I’m worried because my silly dog stops eating whenever we go away for a while. I got me a haircut today and believe me I need a better salary if I wish to go to my saloon. Also, I’m working on Dominique which is a story of a girl who has nothing; life gives her friendship and love and then takes it all away from her, sending her on a deadly search. I intend to make it a drama & thriller kind of story. I plan to join Guitar classes but now am confused. I’m waiting for monsoon so bad. Also, i plan to start doing some basic Yoga exercises as soon as im back.

Phew! I guess that’s it for now.

Cuddly Blog Award or Cuddlies

(Now this one says am cuddly, 🙂 )

This awesome award has been sent by Meeka who has chosen me among first recipients of her brand new award. It’s such an honor to be chosen for an all new creative award. Acflory or Meeka is amazing, she is creative, she is a writer too and she is from Australia (I wonder if she likes Adam Gilchrest too? Because I think he is super cute).Dear Meeka, thank you for the cute cuddle…!!

Rules say– Instead of recipients having to say 7 things about themselves they have to relate just one incident that made them want to reach out and hug someone. Whether they actually followed through with the hug is not important. Just wanting to is enough.

And, of course, recipients should then nominate 5 kind, generous people themselves.

Incident? Hmm, I think I feel like hugging babies, kids and doggies all the time. Once, I was working like always and it was a usual day, now I don’t remember what happened to trigger my thoughts, I suddenly realized how patient and loving and caring my friend has been with me despite my being super crazy…so I got up and hugged her and told her thank you. Because it’s not easy to be my friend…it’s sad but true.

Now am going to name few nominees i’m sending both these nominations together…

These are some of the amazing, awesome and cuddly bloggers i enjoy visiting everyday…!!!!!

This is how i feel after 2 great nominations..yay!!


10 thoughts on “Reader’s Appreciation Award & The Cuddly Award…!!!!

  1. Congrats on your awards! They are so deserved!
    And so nice to read a bit about your day, out of context 🙂 So many great things ahead of you, that’s good to hear, have a WONDERFUL trip! 😀
    And thank you so much for nominating me ♥

  2. I’m so glad you liked The Cuddly! My ex is Anglo-Indian and used to tell us stories about childhood vacations in Nainital. Apparently it’s very beautiful so I imagine that Srinagar must be lovely too as they’re both up in the mountains?

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