A note from the Voices…!!!!

Dear Readers,

Little has been barred from using her blog today, due to following conversation-

Little: Yay! Am going

Voices: Congratulations…so everything ready?

Little: Ahan!

Voices: Gift for your friend?

Little: Check

Voices: Sweets?

Little: Check

Voices: Haircut?

Little: Check

Voices: Tickets?

Little: Check

Voices: bag packed?

Voices: Clothes sorted out?

Voices: Which shoes you are taking?

Voices: Toothbrush? Sock? Books?

Voices: Anything?

Voices: At least tell me you have a bag to pack your stuff?

Little: F*#K

Yours Truly,


7 thoughts on “A note from the Voices…!!!!

  1. Damn damn damn happy for you…!!!!
    You so deserve it.. But you should have listened to the voices for once.. Coz you forgot some stuff 😀 😛 😀 😛

    have a nice trip 😉

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