She takes a roller coaster ride…!!

Walking alone in a lonely street
She kicks at everything at her feet
Walking with her head down
She sees a shadow
A beautiful pony ready to go
She looks in vain
Hopping on she smiles again
She rides away from moon
In search of her sun, her dawn
She sings out loud
Feeling wind through her hair
She claps her hand she she doesn’t care
Everything feels so good so fine
Like she is on cloud nine
In her there is a shine
Like a lighting bolt
She rides away from her darkness
Taking hands of a strange happiness
She knows all she has is the moon
She knows every turn brings her back
To her gloom
Yet she rides on
Before she wakes up & the dream is gone
To world she smiles
Like a firefly she flies
Like a firework she shines
Until the wind is gone
The darkness comes back on
Tongue tied she jumps down
Smiling hard to cover her frown
She walks again in the moon light
Reminding herself there is a battle to fight..!!

One thought on “She takes a roller coaster ride…!!

  1. Wow..

    I was missing this since so many days now..!
    Very nice and neatly done.. Specially the last lines.. Sums it up well..!

    “she walks again in the moonlight..reminding herself, there is a battle to fight”

    Good going little warrior..

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