Super Man down….!!!!

Gravity is a mean little thing, never lets you stay up and high for long. In my case it didn’t even let me come down slowly, BAAM BOOM and I am on floor broken and in pieces. I don’t really know why some things are hurting me, I mean didn’t I knew it all along for years. Wasn’t it all a part of the domino effect?

Today everything is hurting me, fiction, faith, hope, Super Heroes, Santa Claus and everything that I used to hide my true self.  Even Dominique.

I’m tired, super sleep deprived and sort of wordless…excuse me please for not writing.





11 thoughts on “Super Man down….!!!!

  1. When nothing seems to work..take a nap..

    Wake up fresh.. Don’t think too much.. Have a good weekend.. Think about the travel 🙂

  2. Sorry you’re feeling down, hope sleeping helped. The songs you posted are really nice but are probably doing nothing to make you feel better. I understand the urge to listen to sad songs when you are sad but fight the urge and, as a suggestion, try this It’s not like it’s an amazing song but it does cheer me up so may be it will cheer you up too 🙂

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