Dear Director, thankyou for making me worry about planes and dogs…!!!!

Here is the thing, I’m sort of in a weird state of mind and the best way to explain it is that I’m busy deciding between door A and door B. Can’t really explain it much, but I do know that I have to choose and choose fast.
Anyhow, so I’m all messed up and need something nice. I’m thinking why not watch a movie, I search for a movie I downloaded few weeks back and I click on “Play”. Well just when you need a good movie, you end up finding a piece of crap in your laptop.

Me: oh no no…What kind of movie is this?
Voices: You know we take our words back…next time you can watch Meg Ryan or Winnona’s movies. We won’t say “Again”
Me (angry): Thanks, now you are saying this.

Well, first of all I love creepy horror movies and I don’t even mind zombie movies, but this one was all about plane crash and wolf hunting survivors. First thing i have a flight in few days, thank you for scaring me and second, ewe too much of gross scenes with wolves tearing apart people and people killing wolves. It felt like I was watching Air Crash Investigation and Animal Hunting show on National Geographic and Animal Planet, together in one screen. Honestly, I was glad when my phone rang and my friend asked me if I was free. I don’t know why I didn’t think of turning it off before.
This is not what you need, when you are sitting on pile of unhappy thoughts, when you have a plan to catch in coming week and when you have a dog you love so much.

I have already seen too many Air Crash Investigation episodes on Nat Geo to know endless possibilities that could happen, when I’m up in air. Suddenly I’m Meg Ryan from French Kiss, only I am not scared of flying just sort of worried.

I wanted to work on Dominique today, but I didn’t because a part of me is pulling me away from the lies I live but at the same time the other part of me wants to smile and do things I love. Its like am stuck in a tug of war between left and right.  If I go with left I will never be able to write another poem, another happy post, another story, but if I go with right I will lose a lot. It’s a fecking mess and being a Super Hero I have no option but to fight, because Super Hero might fall but it never dies.

Voices: See Super Heroes don’t die, don’t worry about the plane and it was a stupid movie anyway.
Me (Silence):

Well, I have downloaded a new episode of a show “Baby Daddy”; will watch it and then I will go back to some good old classic movies.

P.S Meg Ryan is Awesome….!!


6 thoughts on “Dear Director, thankyou for making me worry about planes and dogs…!!!!

  1. Somehow parts of this post are cute..maybe its me..but i found them so.. 🙂

    Planes are way much more safer than you can would be a journey by plane for you after so long.. So rather than thinking of nat geo, aircraft investigations..think that there are like millions planes taking off each day across the world.. Nothing happens.. I hope you get a window seat.. What a mesmerizing view it will forget all the negative thoughts with a blink of an eye..

    your dog will be okay too.. Don’t think much.. He has years of experience now.. And ofcourse u will back very soon..

    Get some cool stuff from there 😉 think shopping, think abt snow clad mountains..flying high without superpowers 😛 hehe.. C’mon bud..cheer up.. Lots coming up for you..

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