What’s your story?

Am sitting on bus looking outside at dark and empty streets. It feels strange to look at empty world with everyone sleeping, probably dreaming of their worst fears (if they are like me) or dreaming of happy endings.

Sometimes I get this urge of talking to a stranger and asking him/her about his/her story. Everyone has a story, even the ones with a life as plain as getting up, working 9 hours and coming back to a goodnight sleep only to get up again for a 9hours of work.

For some reason I think listening to someone else’s story will make me take a walk away from mine, thus not feeling what I feel every second of everyday…lost, confused, scared and blue. “Like a Cosmic star” is a fine example of moments when I’m overpowered by my faith in happy endings.

That’s my story or a part of it… What’s yours?

P.S. I am trying wordpress for Blackberry. Fingers crossed. Clicking on Publish.

4 thoughts on “What’s your story?

  1. I like the idea of walking away from your own story by listening at someone else’s. As a French teacher for adults, I get to hear my student’s stories (gotta find something to talk about during the lessons). I can say that all of them are interesting, even the ones who seemed boring on the surface.

  2. You got it working, blackberry that is…my kindle fire doesn’t like the wordpress app today. Ugh. My story? I let things like an app not working take up every last corner of my mind. Dinner boiling over as I type….

    • It is crazy because I was trying to post using wordpress for Blackberry for past 2weeks but it wasn’t working and suddenly it starts working..:) now I can post even when I’m away…
      Even I went crazy with this app.. Trying everyday..

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