Back to being a little girl…!!!!

Today after a long long time I met all my cousins at my grandparents house. It took me to time when we were all kids, when my grandmother was alive, when we all were in school and weren’t busy enough to wait for family weddings to meet.
Although I’m not a family person, families are not my thing but I’m loving it today. Because I’m one of the youngest and thus, always treated royal. Being pampered by my cousins, talking of old things and acting like life hasn’t changed is making me happy.
Yes, I’m also having problem smiling at aunties who keep telling me when are you getting married? Next is your turn? Etc etc… But the fun is worth taking all that.
But, the voices and dark clouds are still there.


4 thoughts on “Back to being a little girl…!!!!

  1. Yes, I hate the “you are next” thing, luckily there is still a cousin before me so I still have an excuse. Enjoy the pampering though, it won’t last forever ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. It’s nice to feel like a little girl, and don’t let those ‘when are you getting married?’ questions bring you down. I feel like they ask you more because they think it’s their job… just smile and say: we’ll see! hahahaha
    Don’t let silly things bring you down! Enjoy the moment!!

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