Super 9

So the wedding is over and we are done with getting dressed up. I don’t like it, anything other than my jeans and t-shirt makes me uncomfortable. My feet are hurting with heels, because I’m a sneaker person. But I will rate this day a super 9.

Today my cousins, my brother and I went (we four have always been a team and I missed the team) for an outing. We went to the horror haunted house, played icehockey, we went for coffee at Barista and we went for a drive. It took me to years when we four we young and crazy. Lately, am having major flashbacks and I can’t help but think how life and job changes everyone. We become formal, we become brief on phone and we become people who do small talks…but when we are together back at our grandparents home we are kids again.

I was never close to my grandparents (because we never stayed with them and visited them during summer vacations once a year) but I cherish everyday of my childhood spent here. I wish my grandmother and my uncle was alive, it would have made my mother happy.

Tomorrow we plan to rest and then we are off to Srinagar… Can’t wait for it.


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