Zip it…!!!!

To Me,

I know you are hurt, I know you are angry, I know you are sad and I also know you are scared…totally acceptable. But this is it. You are here now and this is all you have in name of a dream vacation.
I know your emotions are running high but this is it. You are here and you might never get to be here again. So I request you to put all your emotions in a bag and Zip it for two days. Because this is it and it won’t come back again.


10 thoughts on “Zip it…!!!!

  1. Not to make fun, but this post is usually what I’m saying to my mother while we are on our annual vacay. Still several weeks out, but you’ve made my palms sweat with anticipation…much like Pavlov’s poor dogs… *sigh*

    • Hahaha… I guess it happens to some of us… I was in washroom looking at myself in the mirror and saying these words 😉 … Coz my stupid emotions suddenly started poking me right when I was going to have a long day of sightseeing…

  2. Feel free to approve only ONE comment…I fear that the kindle has tricked me into posting twice! 🙂

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