Awestruck and Tongue Tied…!!!!

Two days in Kashmir is just not fair but that’s all I have. Although I wish I could see more, specially Sonemarg but its ok. What I got is so special that complaining would be wrong.
So much of beauty, so much of natural life and so much of greenery….am speechless.

I can’t help but think of ways to come back…because one needs atleast a whole week to see things in and around Srinagar. Kashmir is truly a paradise on earth. I hope life gives me one more chance to come back here. I hope.

Srinagar is just like little Venice… And I never knew. How can people fight and go violent in a land so bloody awesome. Am awestruck and tongue tied.

What I saw yesterday in Gulmarg has made me fall in love with hills and mountains. And I always thought beaches are more beautiful. When I was standing on the top of a hill surrounded by, greenery and snow mountains, looking down and around I wanted time to stop. I can never forget the view, the moment and the feeling. I will share a picture when I’m back (wordpress for Blackberry doesn’t work when I try to upload picture).

Tomorrow I have my flight back, then an all night bus ride and then I’m back home. I don’t want to go back… I wish to stay and travel more and more. But I must thank God for these few days. Also I have a cute little sad doggy waiting for me. I missed him even when I was thinking to never going back. Snowy baby I’m coming back…!!!!

P.S I will read and comment at all your blog posts once am back. Sorry for not checking any blog, my Blackberry application isn’t that good also I was sort of busy being Awestruck and Tongue Tied… 🙂