Fun over…time to be a Super Hero again…!!!!

As I sit in this bus for my final journey before I’m home, I can’t help but feel a sense of sadness. Because back home I will go back to being the Super Hero I claim to be, fighting my job and my issues.

I shouldn’t be sad because I got what I never even dreamed of, but I’m a human being and it gets sad when good things come to an end. My mum, my brother, my cousins and my aunt are still in Kashmir and will come back day after tomorrow.

Today I had my first solo flight journey and it was fun. It wasn’t scary but yes at one point when the pilot said that the weather is going bad and we should put on our belts I did freak out a little. Why? Because we had a freefall twice and it felt like we were going down. Although we were just having a descend to get out of the clouds but suddenly the freefall pressure made me think of all the episodes of Air Crash Investigation. Funny I know. The steward was cute and helped me exchange my seat with window seat. The air hostess was friendly too, she was like “hey I have the same headphones and mine are in pink color”.

So much of traveling in past few days hurts me physically now. I need a good sleep in my room with Snowy snoring on my bed. How much I missed him only I know. Hope he is fine…I’m sort of worried. Will reach early morning, take a mini nap and then rush to get him back.

All my pictures are in camera that I have left back. Will upload them once my brother is back.

O and I hate summer…its horrible everyday. What happened to monsoon? I wish for rainy days.

Things I wish to do when I’m back home? Tell snowy I love him and missed him. Have a nice cup of coffee. Go Kfc. Watch Amazing Spiderman. Start my workout. Check all the blogs. Watch Pll’s last two episodes. Watch any old episode of Glee. Shop for a new pair of sneakers for me.

I wanted to end this post here but since I’m getting bored sitting on a bus, I shall continue writing.

Few days back I told a friend of mine my issue. I just gave him a gist of things and apparently he had an idea. I think everyone knows what’s wrong with me but people pretend to not know. Good for me though. The best way I can explain about me without giving much is that I’m the softer and kinder version of Santana.

Okay I hate this bus, it is so shaky. I still can’t get last two days out of my head. My cousin is the most awesome guy I know. On my last day he came home from work took me for shopping and then to Cafe Coffee Day because he knew in the land of tea, I was dying for coffee. He also gave me his car to drive on highway of Srinagar which is crazy because people drive in a strange way over there…no rules. It was like a perfect end to my two day Kashmir adventure. Isn’t he a sweetheart? He always treats me royal.

Guess what now I’m sleepy…I think I should end this one now cause I can’t see things. Exertion taking over now.



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