I’m a banger…!!!

Haha the title reminds me of Barney Stinson…but its not about that banging. I have some kind of issue with doors and windows, because I can’t help but bang myself into things. I’m always banging my arms or feet or leg or head or shoulder into things. Last week I banged my left arm so badly that throughout the wedding I was moving with a dark blue mark…it was like a tattoo gone wrong. Two days ago I banged my head into an open window and today I banged my shoulder into the head roof of my friend’s car…don’t even ask me how I managed to do that. These are just incidents I remember but I have few more bruises that I don’t remember much about. See what I mean when I say I’m a banger, if you have furniture, doors and windows then be sure I’m going to end up banging myself into them.

Today we got Snowy back but he isn’t fine. He is sad, he is weak and he is lost. Sometimes he tries to search for my mum. All he is doing is sleeping in one corner. Poor baby, I feel bad for leaving him. its just two days and then my mum will be back and that’s all he needs…mommy. Today he looks old, which he never did. It hurts me.

The whole journey has taken a toll on my body too. I have tonsils and my throat hurts, can’t even drink water. My nose is running. Its a sign of a bad weekend and I don’t want a bedridden weekend because I have a movie to go to. Andrew garfield is waiting for me with Emma Stone. I don’t really like her much, don’t really know why. Why didn’t they pick Emma Watson as MJ? Maybe I will change my mind once I watch the movie.

I will sleep early, bad health and office don’t go along. I don’t feel like going to office tomorrow but I have to. Today my friend asked me why don’t I like my office anymore, I tried to give her the most sane reasoning without worrying her much. She loves me too much and I didn’t wanted her to feel I wasn’t okay. Although she does know because she is awesome. I miss her and wish I could go visit her but its not that easy.

Before I go, I would like to apologize to all my fellow bloggers because I haven’t read or liked or commented on any of your blogs, even though am back. Truth is I don’t have internet access at home, can’t login through my laptop and my Blackberry app isn’t that great when it comes to liking or commenting on a blog post. Give me 2-3 days…as soon as I get my internet issue fixed I will visit each one of you.
Oh and happy 4th of July to everyone in America… 🙂 yay to freedom (my real 4th of July would be on the day I will stop lying and pretending and wake up with a smile on my face). Did I ever tell you I love August and December? No specific reasons I just do.

Bloody I don’t even have a medicine at home. I’m sad because tomorrow I report back at Gotham city but I’m happy too…Snowy is back home…!!!