Super Hero with a running nose is bad for the world…!!!!

Sadness isn’t a difficult emotion but anger is. Sometimes sadness turns into anger and that’s when it hurts more. Have you ever looked at old pictures of happy times and wondered what went wrong? I have.

Sometimes it feels like I’m Sweet Pea of Suckerpunch stuck in a dream…fighting for escape, only this is no dream. How many times do I look into the mirror and say “you are not a quitter”?
I feel like Tom Hanks from Cast Away when he loses Wilson.

I guess the bad health is triggering this anger. Oh my god! I was so lost in my vacation I didn’t come to know Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are separating. I was like WHAT?

I am tired of using wordpress on my phone, I can’t upload videos or pictures, I can’t visit other blogs and comment, I can’t do anything.

I miss Glee and Greys Anatomy.

This stupid cold and fever has turned me into Hulk. Am like an angry SuperHero.
Am your AACHOO friendlyy neighbour-AACHOO-hood Spidermannnn..AACHOO excuse me!!!
Bloody cold.

Since I can’t upload a song I would like to pretend I have uploaded one.
Here – Glee version of Perfect by Kurt and Blaine.

3 thoughts on “Super Hero with a running nose is bad for the world…!!!!

  1. Hope you get better soon!
    Don’t worry, I was too absorbed in stuff that I didn’t notice the earth is ringing with disaster A.K.A Tom-Katie divorce! Oh Lord, faith in humanity totally lost.

    I miss Grey’s too.

  2. Take care and get well soon.. Weekend is around.. It will surely make things easy for you.. And hope it rains 🙂

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