Little wants to win…!!!!

From monday onwards we are going to have our annual office chess championship tournament. Winner of last two years is yours truly i.e Me. Now here is the thing, I haven’t played chess for almost 12months now and I have zero confidence in me, which is not good because this tournament means a lot to me. Its like its the one and only thing in the world I’m good at,I can’t screw up and can pull off nicely. I am very competitive when it comes to chess, only twice I have lost in chess purposely.

Today everyone was like “you are th champ”…yes I was but I now fear even the most novice players. Why? No practice and zero motivation. Doesn’t feel nice to know that one thing I had control of is now shaky too.

But its okay I’m not going to quit. I will play, if I lose well I guess I will blame it all on the Domino effect that has started.

If I lose this week well I’m going to be very sad, which isn’t a new thing but I will be sad.

Today I realized one very important thing. It is kind of painful but then reality always bites. Anyways, let’s just focus on next week’s game. Fingers crossed.

There is a fine line between pep talk and lying to self…!!!!!