Spidy without MJ…? You got to be kidding me.

A rainy cloudy day with little cold weather is one of those few things that make me smile. I’m a rain person and can spend all my life in a city where it rains. Today was one of those cold rainy days, because Monsoon is here and I am happy. There is something about the trees and sky when it rains, they become so colorful, so beautiful.

Good thing my cold is getting better, bad thing I still can’t have icecream.

So today I went to see Amazing Spiderman (spoiler alert) and sadly, it didn’t impress me much. Only thing amazing about this Spiderman was the guy, Andrew Garfield. He is cute and awesomely handsome. But the movie was slightly disappointing. Firstly, what happened to the eternal story of Spidy in love with MJ? A Spiderman without Mary Jane…doesn’t make any sense. Secondly, this Spidy dude had no web power. Web machine bracelet? Seriously? Okay maybe it is a good movie but I missed Toby Mcguire series.

Although, this movie does teaches us one thing. Sometimes even a Super Hero needs a helping hand. In my case a hug would do, but unfortunately there are no free hugs. They are only found in T-shirt slogans and coffee mugs.

I miss internet…I miss it so much. I miss Youtube and WordPress.

Song for today- Love will take you by Angus and Julia Stone.