Letter to Internet God!!!!

Dear Internet God,

This is regarding the internet issue being faced by my laptop and desktop. See, here is this thing I have a blog not that great but still works for me. I can’t really blog freely on phone, no updates, no uploads, no comment and like features. I have so many blogs to visit.

Also, I am a person who survives on oxygen, food and music. Without internet I can’t search for and download new songs. I have already killed each and every song in my phone. The ones left are on verge of dying soon.

And then there is this whole convenience of typing on laptop. Always better than a phone’s Qwerty keypad.

I have to download new movies too, along with Pretty Little Liars, Raising Hope, Girls, Jane by Design and so many more episodes.

Now I know, you need me to be patient but I just wanted to request you to consider my need for internet. Afterall, I’m a 26 year old crazy girl who blogs and breathes on Youtube.