Happy Birthday Gotham City…!!!!

Today we celebrated 11 years of my office, it was a total fun day. Everyone was busy decorating office, discussing the office games and ignoring their desktop. I can’t say i had all the fun, because it was a tough day for me but yes i liked to be a part of the celebration. Irrespective of what i call it, i like my office for what it has given me professionally and personally. There was a time i couldn’t wait for Mondays, because it meant going back to work.

Tomorrow we have another celebration party, but like i said before Super Heroes don’t party. I am going to celebrate my weekend going theater to watch a movie, shop maybe, read maybe and give all my attention to my bed and my room, while watching Vampire Diaries. I have totally become hooked to Vampire Diaries. And i thought there was only one good-looking vampire…Sorry Edward. Stefan and Damon Salvatore are like so cute, both of them.

I was in school (9th grade) when once something happened between my friends and me, i don’t know why but i keep going back to that memory again and again. It’s not the first time that this particular memory has come to visit me, but its like it has decided to stay for some time.