A little longer…!!!!

Like a leaf gone dead

She falls, falls down

Day & Night

She plays a soldier, in her fight

Wounded by silence

Of no one

Walking beside her

She says “just a little longer”

Lying to every muscle in her bone

Not admitting it’s all gone

The battle is lost

It’s time to fall, almost

Screaming in a choked voice

“No surrender”

She has no choice

It’s all about waiting a little longer

She murmurs

Begging herself to be stronger

She has no reasons to continue

She has no reasons to give up

Seeing no shadow

Makes her stop

There is no one and nowhere to go

But like a paper blown

In the wind

She moves forward to a destiny unknown

A little longer is all she sings

As silence is all that rings

A lonely cloud in the sky

She has many questions all starting with “why”….!!!!