I still live with you, in my head, in my heart. The world tells me you are gone, I say not really. You are still the girl I met on the subway, the eyes I saw in Starbucks, the smile I fell in love with on the beach. We met, fell in love and we decided to live every second with each other.

Do you remember how much you loved teasing me, hugging me and singing to me all day long? I never said I love you, as much as you said, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off you. Even when we walked with hands in hands, I felt like it was a dream. What you did to me was beyond words, what you made me feel was too good to be real and what I felt when I was around you was and is still too big to present in words.

You made me fall in love with so many things, life, sky, trees, music, melody and myself. I think I told you how you made me feel good about myself. I was never like this before, what I was with you. I smiled more than I ever did, I was happy like I never was and I was more than a name and a face. I could never thank you enough, never love you enough and give you what you gave me.

The day you walked away, I felt pain I never knew existed in the world. Even now I replay the last day, the good-bye and the last kiss again and again in my mind, trying to bring it all back, hoping to relive it again. I know it’s silly but a part of me often wonders, if it’s possible to just go back to the long forgotten lanes, empty old memories where we lived, loved and smiled. Everyday I feel like I felt when you held my hands for the last time, when I saw those tears in your eyes and when you were lost at the corner of the road.

I know you are gone, but I still find myself with you on those streets taking a stroll under the rain, like we used to. I know we were not meant to be a story, but we became a song I can’t get out of my head, a melody I live with everyday.

Today I no longer cry, I know you haven’t gone far I feel you inside me every second of everyday. You are the still dream I lived, the happiness I felt, the reason world felt better, the picture I can draw even with my eyes closed. Like a magic you came and turned me from a dead leaf to a colourful flower.

Like we were meant to collide and shine, before the sun came down.

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