Oh Dear Little, you are so kind…!!!!

Voices: You are pathetic

Me: No you are pathetic

Voices: Oh no no no, you are

Unknown Voice: Greetings

Me: Aaahm Hi, who is this?

Voices: Hey Little are you trying to freak me?

Me: Shut up voices

Unknown Voice: Hello Little, Hello Voices…It’s me the body

Voices: laughing

Me (Ignoring the voices): Hi, Hello

Body: How are you?

Me: Good

Body: Would you like to ask me the same?

Me (Confused): aaa… Ya, sure. How are you?

Body: Not good, you see a lot many parts of ours aren’t fine

Body: The shoulder hurts

Body: And don’t even ask about the head in morning

Body: Also we are little low on energy and stamina

Me (Confused and Guilty and looking at Voices): 


Body: The stomach feels little unsettled too

Body: Oh and the mind can’t really work

Body: and the…

Me (interrupting): Ya i get it.

Body: Oh please do not mind my babbling. I would not disturb you unless it’s important

Body: You see I was just wondering if…

Me: If?

Body:  Would it be possible for you to sleep a little early and

Me: And?

Body: If it’s not too much trouble, maybe start workout. Only if it’s not too much…You see




Voices: Best day ever



Body: Dear Voices, please do not trouble Little much. She has her reasons.

Body: Dear Little, i would not impose any pressure on you.


Body: Voices you are rude to Little

Body: Little would it be possible for you to consider the request, you see

Me: ya i…aaa.. sure…aaa…why not..hmmm…you know what… i will..aa..okay..i will try

Body: Oh dear Little, how kind of you to…






4 thoughts on “Oh Dear Little, you are so kind…!!!!

  1. That did crack me up..

    Thankyou for starting the day with a smile 🙂

    The smilies are too cute..and so is the conversation.. 🙂

    Don’t listen to the voices… Follow what the body says..it shall supress the voices for a while..

    Have a great day..and don’t forget you have go somewhere to get something early this morning

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