So after spending a good amount of time writing an angry post, I pressed Ctrl A and Backspace. Then I decided against blogging and thought of leaving you guys with a song. So here I’m searching for an old favourite song “I’m Jealous” by Shania Twain and I end up finding other songs from the same album and I realized how crazy I went when “Up” was released.

Believe me after writing and deleting over 400 words of angry post, I’m now smiling because I have my headphones singing Shania Twain’s songs from one of my favourite era. I wish Shania Twain would come up with a new album, because I think she is amazing. She was one of those singers I listened to when I was a crazy teenager with braces. I was in senior year of my school when her “Up” album released and I remember for next few months I was just listening Shania Twain.

I was heartbroken when I heard Shania Twain’s guy cheated on her. Yes, I’m that girl who feels bad for celebrities. I can cry right now if you tell me Meg Ryan is sick or Keanu Reeves is retiring.

Even as I look at the empty cup of ice-cream wondering if I should have bought some more, I can’t help but enjoy Shania’s soundtracks. It is strange, I’m all angry and at the same time smiling like a kid who found her old lost toy. I have this weird cocktail of emotions rushing inside me. I guess I’m thankful to YouTube for taking me back to memory lane of my teen years.  I wouldn’t be lying if i said that right now i just don’t want to talk to anyone, but at the same time the music i’m listening to is calming me down.

Who came up with YouTube? I want to hug him right now.

I am going to spend my Saturday in this room, sulking, dancing on my bed, sleeping, watching reruns of Glee and Greys Anatomy and if possible visiting Dominique. I feel like Hulk, angry Super Hero.

I plan to spend my Friday night writing and reading. Nothing works like weekend, so excuse me I have some sulking to do for two days. I am so pissed that I don’t even want to go Dark Knight, but I will go anyway because A- it’s a Super Hero movie and B- it’s a Super Hero movie with Anne Hathaway.

“Our actions are what set things in motion” –Vampire Diaries

I will give you a fine example of how messed up I’m right now, I spent past one hour listening to Shania Twain but now I’m going to leave you guys with a video from FRIENDS.