a little rain is all Little needs…!!!!

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a rain person. things I love to do when it rains includes making a cup of frothy coffee and stand in my balcony, to enjoy the hills (you can see them from my balcony and terrace), the trees and kids playing in rain.

Today I saw a father walking with his tiny little kid in rain. Another father playing in rain with his daughter and her friends. I think they were making paper boats. I saw children cycling and a boy filling his tiny bucket with water to throw the water on his friends, all this while I was out on the terrace getting all soaked up.

Finally, I came inside took a shower, made a cup of coffee and sat in the balcony reading Harry Potter. It is still raining and it makes me happy.

People who know what indian summer feels like, also know what monsoon feels like. Perfect break from the scorching heat and humidity.

I wish I could upload a picture but since I’m blogging through my phone its not easy.


10 thoughts on “a little rain is all Little needs…!!!!

  1. It just occurred to me that I don’t know where you live!!! How strange is that?! So where is it exactly?
    Anyway I can relate to your love of rain – however, the last couple of summers in Denmark have been cold and rainy and since the winters here have also mostly been rainy, I’m pretty fed up with rain. I really miss the sun.

    • wow…now i cant help but wish i was in Denmark… rainy and cold summers sounds awesome…
      Pia im from India..to be precised, im from Chandigarh..its a great city…now that i think about it i never wrote about where im from… yeh strange ..

      • Oh, Chandigarh, India! I had no idea!
        I guess the summers in India are really hot, so no wonder, you like the rain 🙂
        How big is Chandigarh, population wise?

        Oh, and thanks for visiting my new blog! 😀

      • You know i never thought about the population of this city..just googled…it says “Total Population of Chandigarh is 10.54 Lakh as per census 2011” …i didnt knew this before ..
        i am happy to follow your blog… 🙂

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