Hey Dude, stop or we will…….BANG…Nevermind..!!!!

It was just a crazy day, super crazy, because i banged my car into another car and its all dented and sad looking scene. It was a crazy scene, everything happened so slowly reminding of the scene from Twilight book where the author Stephenie Meyer describes Bella’s accident in a slow motion. Im driving thinking something, but i had my eyes on the road. There is this car right in front of me and so im super slow, suddenly this car on the turn starts coming towards me and it keeps coming and im like “okay he will stop, okay he will stop,, hey stop, hey,  hey DUDDEE…BANG”   😦

So i get out and turn into this she-HULK because i was just hit by a car for no reason.  Well we go into an argument, luckily a nice angel god-sent man was standing there when it happened and he came forward to fight for me.

The Driver: Okay okay let’s settle this peacefully
The Angel Man: why don’t you both park your car to the side of the road…
Me: O feck my car keys and phone
Both the men: what happened?
Me: I locked myself out of my car..Dammit

Yes, that happened. Not only did i end up in a stupid accident for no fault of mine, i also left my keys and my phone inside the car. Now i don’t have any number with me. I can’t call my office to tell them am stuck will be late or call my home and ask for the car keys. Luckily i was on my way to my friend’s house and she came to my rescue.

It was a horrible afternoon. Just horrible. I’m thankful to god for keeping me safe and making sure there was a nice guy right there when i needed a support, but I’m also super sad for my car. Luckily no one at my home is mad at me for denting my new car. I thought i was going to get in trouble , but  nice thing happened  nobody said a thing. Phew! Saved.
But my car. Now im back on my scooter for few days.

Okay, so let’s talk about something else before i go all emotional again. I thought i would finish my book in 2 or 3 days but, well guess what, i left the book in between and started with another. The book i was reading was a Rizzoli and Isles series by Tess Gerritsen, its fine but I’m getting all confused with the story and so i decided to take a break. Great i can’t even mange to finish one book.  But i am glad i started with Harry Potter, it’s awesome.

Today, im going to leave you guys with one of my favorite Ellen video because i think she is awesome. And the video is super funny and always cracks me up and i think i needed to watch it today.

18 thoughts on “Hey Dude, stop or we will…….BANG…Nevermind..!!!!

  1. I hope you can get your car fixed soon! It’s also always nice to realize that there are still very kind people in the world who are willing to help a stranger.

    Enjoy Harry Potter! It’s one of my favorites.

    • I think it will get fixed in two days max… the guy was my fathers age and very nice and supportive.. he knew that i was alone and that the driver was trying to pin the blame on me.. he was just so nice …i know it is rare to find some one willing to come forward… once i was stuck on middle of road with no petrol in my scooter and not a single person stopped to ask..but am glad he was there when i needed a support…
      and yes Harry Potter is so much fun…hoping to finsih all of them.. 🙂

  2. Ugh. 😦 HUGE HUGS! It sounds like you had a year’s worth of bad luck in one day. Was the guy insured? Will you get your poor car fixed? And of course it wasn’t your fault! Sit, relax, laugh and tell yourself that tomorrow is probably going to be a great day to compensate for today!

    • well hopefully he will pay for repair and all..hopefully.. tomorrow will send the car for fixing ..
      it was horrible because i left my phone n keys inside… i kept on thinking whole day was there anyway i could have avoided all this….but like you said it wasn’t my fault…
      i worked hard, saved money and got this car… :(…

      • You know something similar happened to another friend of mine except his car was a write-off. The silver lining to his cloud was that with the insurance money he bought a car that he loved even more. Don’t be too down. Sometimes bad things can lead to good things. I’m just glad you weren’t hurt!

  3. “Because I banged my car into another car…”

    Correction: ThThe other car banged into your car because he was at fault… Don’t be guilty concious..

    These small dents and bumps come along when you own a car..its just part of life..

    It will be as good as new real soon..

    btw, u scared me big time, this evening.. (All because of that stupid gtalk)..

    P.S. If expenditure is already lined up around the corner..its time to get seat covers as well 😛

  4. Aw man! I can’t believe that happened to you…BUMMER! Glad you’re okay, which, of course, is the important part. I always dread the first ding on a new car. Glad everyone at home was cool about it. Um…enjoy the breeze in your face…on your scooter… 😉

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