Just a little something from Dominique…!!!!

Just sharing a small part from Dominique.

Sally’s words were haunting me and nothing else mattered now, nothing. Kristine was alive, after all these months and years, she was alive.


“Hey are you okay?”

“Tell me more, please.” I begged. I could see the paleness of my face in her eyes, as she looked at me with a worried look. “Sally, tell me where can I find her? And what do you mean by she might be dead?”

“Wait” she walked away and left me with thousands of questions. My mind was running faster than ever, my heart was about to explode and my feet were shaking. Was Kristine alive? Was she in danger? Is it too late? Have I lost her?

“Here have some water and sit down please. It’s a long story” Sally handed me a glass of water and had some sandwiches with her. Although I hadn’t eaten for past 12 hours, I couldn’t even look at what was ahead me.

“Sally, please, tell me is she okay? And where can I find her?”

“I don’t know her name, I don’t know who she is but I do know that she was here for a week, before…”

“Before what?” I snapped

“Before, they took her away. She was brought here like everyone else but she was just lost. Her health was a concern and what I heard was that she had wasted a lot of time of these guys”

“Health?” O God! Kristine where are you? I asked myself

“When I was brought here by Toby I was new and scared and of course I tried to runaway a lot of time. Once I found myself on my own in one of their dressing room and I tried to escape, that’s when I got lost and found myself in a room with her and those bastards” Sally stopped but  I gave her a look that said go on.

“I was hiding behind a big table and I heard them quarreling among themselves, one of the guy was getting angry at Seth for bringing a girl who was crazy and could hardly stand straight” “she was sitting on a chair her head down and lost, to me she felt like a junkie” she took a deep breath and continued “before they all left the room I heard the angry guy tell Seth to get rid of her as she was not going to get them any business.”

By business I knew what the angry guy meant, Kristine wasn’t helping them with the videos but what did mean by get rid of her?

“Sally do you know anything else?”

“Who is this Seth guy? Where can I find him?” I was desperate and she could see it in my eyes

“I don’t now anything else but I can help you find Seth, he often visits Toby in our dressing room.” She said “he and Toby are just guys who manage the shoot and get girls”

Seth was my only hope but the thought that it might be too late was killing me. Is it possible that I lost Kristine again? Did I lose too much time believing she was dead?

“But how will you ask Seth?” she asked with an expression that said she already knew my answer

“He will tell me. He will tell me everything or I will kill him” I got up and walked away

“Call me when you find Seth” I said before I got out of her apartment.

It was raining outside but it didn’t matter to me, nothing did. I walked in the rain, getting drenched and cold but all that I could feel was fear and anger. How could I believe she died? Why didn’t I look for her hard? Why did I give up on hope? What if she was alive and waiting for help? What if she thought someone would come looking for her? Kristine where are you?

I drove in rain with tears flowing down my cheeks, I had to find her. But before that I needed something and I knew where to find it. After driving for 30 minutes in a rain that was in no mood to stop, I knocked on a door I never thought I would visit. Vladimir opened the door with a surprised look on his face. He knew why I was here and he didn’t ask me any question, as he let me in. After offering a cup of coffee and a towel, Vladimir got me a box. All this while we did not speak and he knew there was no point. Putting back my hoodie jacket on, I took the box and walked away.

Before I stepped out, Vladimir spoke “Don’t use unless you are sure. This is some serious shit” and he walked inside closing the door on me. I took out the gun and threw away the box, because I knew I didn’t buy it to keep it in a box.

 To be continued…!!!!