Kristen cheating and no TIGHAR…Seriously?

What’s wrong with the world? Why am I hearing bad news everywhere? I mean Kstew cheated on Rob? Really, oh man, it just screws up my Bella-Edward thing. Hope its all some publicity stunt. (Yes, like I said before I’m that girl, the one who gets sad for celebrities).

Well, if this wasn’t enough I get to read that the TIGHAR project has been suspended. What? No, no no. Oh come on. Please go find Lockheed, I mean I already have so much of Revenge and PLL eating my head with mysteries. Okay let’s be serious, to be honest this whole project dedicated towards finding Amelia Earhart’s long lost plane was close to my heart. I really find myself pulled towards mysteries and nothing makes me more excited than the story of Amelia Earhart and George Mallory. Their courage and passion inspire me, but what happened to them is a question I can’t get out of my head.

I have been Amelia’s fan since I saw Night at the museum; I then watched Amelia, read the book and did the research. George Mallory is a legend for me, his passion for climbing, his love for his wife and his untold story makes me wonder what really happened that day. Did he or did he not make it to the top?

I feel bad about the TIGHAR project going down; I mean I thought we had all the technology now. Didn’t we find Titanic? Well I guess some questions arent meant to be answered and who should know that more than me. If only…

Tonight I wish to sleep little early, not early enough but still.

Leaving you guys with Christina Perri’s Arms, because i think she is awesome. Her Breaking Dawn song has been a great source of inspiration behind many of my love theme posts.


8 thoughts on “Kristen cheating and no TIGHAR…Seriously?

  1. well,it’s kind of true with miss Kristen and the director.. kind of stupid from both sides- the director might have just destroyed his marriage having (also has two kids). Kristen on the other hand is a bit young and stupid,but this is gonna cost her career and the way she will be seen in Hollywodd a marriage wrecker,and not only…and- the way the entire world that admired her till now.. will never be the same..
    oh well..they all do mistakes

  2. So interesting that you and this forty-year-old mom (that’s ME) have so much in common! *big smile*. First off, I am inordinately fascinated by star news and, yes, was somehow surprised and disappointed to find out that K-stew had run around her vampire man.

    On top of that, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is one of my FAVORITE movies (I die laughing every time I see Jonah Hill in the “Brundon” scene with Stiller). I’m always telling my friend, Jessica, here, that she looks so much like Amy Adams…particularly Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart!

  3. AFAIR it was amelia’s b’day a cpl of days back.. Even google did put up a logo as a tribute to her.. TIGHAR project that you showed me some time back.. Is it suspended?? Was it in official news? But why??

  4. Ah.. Inaccessible terrain??? Isn’t moon inaccessible?? Lame reason to such thing as inaccessible now a days..

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