No im not a vampire, its just friday night and i love Grey’s Anatomy…!!!!

Okay I know it’s so unlike me to update two posts in one night, but it’s Friday night and I just saw pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I couldn’t stop myself, I could either write it in my diary but like I posted few minutes ago I don’t do diary anymore or I could talk to my dog who is busy sleeping on my bed. So here I’m blogging again.

Well I was planning to make myself a cup of coffee and watch Winona movie but I just did something else entirely. Not only did I go for a cup of tea instead of coffee, I also went for an old episode instead of a movie. I thought why not watch Glee but while I was searching Glee I ended up clicking on some random episode of Grey’s Anatomy from season 8 and I was like “hmm lets watch Grey’s but something from another season”. And that’s how I ended up clicking on season 1 episode 1.

Man! I forgot how it all began. Derek was looking so young and hot and total McDreamy. Oh and I loved watching Izzie and George again. I just don’t get it why they had to leave, I mean why. I don’t have other episodes from season 1 but I wish to and plan to download them and rewatch all of them, just for the sake of it. I think the reason why I love GA is because it keeps me close to human emotions, thus keeping me on ground and feel life. And then of course there is the characters George, Derek, Callie, Robin, Christina,  Alex and everyone else. My favourite scene from the show “Your are my person” .

So I guess I should go now. Its 2:58 AM in my country, raining good outside and I have a Batman movie to go to tomorrow. Goodnight world!

Voices: Really? You freak me someetimes

Me: Guess what? the feeling is mutual

Voices: Hmm, you should not try mean. Doesn’t suits you.

Voices: oh i heard there is an opening in a secret Vampire club

Me (Grinning): I’m not a vampire, its just Friday night and i love Grey’s Anatomy

Voices: Sure, if you say so Freak

Me: I heard that

Voices: O00h i’m scared

Me: Rolling eyes

Flipping old diary pages has its own charm…!!!!

Yesterday I went through few random pages of my dairy and it made me happy. It was kind of a nice feeling to read all that and relive a particular day in my mind, all over again. This is why I feel guilty for not writing diary anymore, because there is no record of my life and how I felt everyday. While, my blog does tell how I felt everyday it really doesn’t talk of people I love and not love to have around me.

Did you see how I said not love instead of hate? I don’t hate anyone in my life, even people who aren’t nice to me. I think hate is a big emotion and I really don’t have that in me for anyone, because I’m too busy judging myself to use such word for anyone else.

Okay coming back to the diary, well I do this a lot; I go through my old diaries from school time, college days and my early office years. I do this just on am impulse to feel what I felt in past. I just pick a random diary from random year and read few pages and laugh (sometimes cry) on how things were and how I was.

I don’t write dairy anymore but I still get excited when I see a new dairy in a shop. Most of my diaries will tell you the same story about me, that I was a girl to whom her friends meant everything in every phase of her life, a girl who went through series of bad nights for months after every phase of shifting a place and a girl who likes herself but often blames herself for things. You know funny thing is no one will ever find the real story of me in my diaries, so it’s like even if you did get your hands on one of my little books you will not  find out what’s my real issue. Infact if you want to know me, start watching shows i watch.

I have been thinking about doing something about my diaries, because they take a lot of space in my wardrobe and also I really don’t think I should keep them with me because my mom is always curios about them. But it would hurt me to get rid of them, once my diaries were all I had. Its like my dairy was my best friend, I shared things on my mind with pages when I didn’t had people to talk to. You know no one hears you as good as a page living inside a dairy. How can I get rid of them? What will I do when I feel like having a trip back memory lane?  How will I get to read old pages of words talking about a girl who never stayed in one place for too long? You know I think it’s a nice way to give my introduction: the girl who never stayed in one place for too long. How cool is that? I think I can write a book on me but i rather not.

Its midnight and I crave for ice-cream or a pudding, should have bought one while coming from office.  Maybe I can make a cup of coffee for me. I also crave for a Winona Ryder movie, so maybe I will look for a movie. What about “Girl Interrupted or Reality Bites”? I recently saw Addicted to Love again (have lost the count of Meg Ryan movies) and I was happy. I think there is no one as awesome as Meg Ryan and never will be. Sorry Hollywood but that’s the truth.

Funny thing is I was going to do a post on Lady Gaga today, but I went on talking about last night’s dairy visit. So I will leave you guys with a Gaga song. This one is my anthem and I love it more than any song. I love every remix and every cover version of this one because it’s awesome. So freaking awesome.  Baby I was born this way…..!!!!!!