More from Dominique…!!!!

“Howie?” I waited for my husband to come out as I tried tuning my car radio. I never listened to radios, because I never liked anything on it and people often found it weird. At 32, I was happy with what I had and rarely cared what people thought. Nothing, nothing, change, no, no I said to myself as I kept on playing with radio channels.

“Sorry, I couldn’t find my wallet” Howie smiled at me as he took his seat next to me. I leaned forward to kiss and went back to the radio. I tried to avoid his mocking look, as I kept on continuing my ‘No, nothing, change’ routine with radio.

“Come one, let it go” he laughed.

“I miss my stereo” I said in a sad tone.

“My love we are getting late” he took my hand in his hand to stop me from spending all my energy in finding one radio channel I could listen to. As I looked into his handsomely rugged face, I realized that 2 years back I couldn’t even dream of being married to this guy. As I drove us towards the cinema, I couldn’t stop thinking of the day we sent our first holiday postcard together with our names Howard Brown and Abigail Brown on it. It was our second Christmas together and I was just thinking of ways to make it as best as possible.

“You know if you are still worried about the dinner…” something on the radio caught his attention and he paused to increase the volume

“This is just in. Police has charged a 23 year old young woman for the mass murder of 4 men and possible kidnapping of a women and a baby. We are still getting the details and…”

My sudden brake and honking made us miss the details. I gave Howie a sorry look as I tried to steer us out of the jam.

“Police are yet to find the missing woman and her baby.”

“What’s wrong with people” Howie looked upset with the news. I wasn’t much affected as I was still lost in my holiday mood and my efforts to get us to the cinemas as soon as possible. After a hectic drive of 10 more minutes we got ourselves a good parking spot and didn’t even miss the commercials. Next 2 hours were spent leisurely with popcorn and hands in hands. Howie’s romantic side always amused me; despite the fact that he looked more like a G.I Joe on lose than romantic boy next door.

“I still don’t get it why did they have to kill so many people” I said as I tried to find my keys.

“Isn’t that what an action movie is all about?” he said as he helped me cross the streets while I searched the content of my bag. “So what are we eating today?” he asked

“I don’t know you pick? Chinese?”

“How about Mexican?”

“And I know just the right place” I smiled. We went to our favourite Mexican restaurant, took our usual corner seats and ate while discussing work, relatives and this year’s Christmas plan. Howie wasn’t very excited about his mother coming, as he always thought of her disapproval for everything little upsetting. On the other hand I was looking forward to Alice’s visit, his sister, who I had become very close to in last few months.

“You know Ron from office? He…”the frown at his face made me stop. I turned my focus at the plasma screen, behind me, he was looking at.

“She is so young and pretty” those were the last words I heard. Face of Dominique on the screen with her blue eyes looking straight at me made me forget everything around.

“I know her” was all I could manage to say.