Sorry Edward, but i’ve got another Vampire now!!

Have you ever tried to read the hidden lines in a joke? Something which tells how a joke wasn’t just a joke, how it was just a bitter truth wrapped up in the layers of sweet chocolate and presented to serve both the parties. Words said but no harm done. Well I have, because it isn’t hard…not when the person trying to joke ends up failing to add enough sugar to it. Sarcasm and joke have a fine line but does being sarcastic also mean whatever said is meant. Really can’t explain why this is troubling me.

Well guess who is here? Weekend people …Weekend is here. I wish to work a little more on Dominique and maybe on another story of mine which has been just on hold. But I don’t know am just too lazy in weekends. I have two movies downloaded for the weekend; also I plan to spend time dancing on my bed when there is no one around.

No more Gotham city for two days. Hallelujah!

My obsession with Pretty Little Lairs is driving me insane because I can’t help but watch old episodes again and again just to find reasons to support my theory on Team A. I’m desperately waiting or September, because that when Greys Anatomy, Revenge and Dexter are coming back. I am desperate to know what happened to the Mercy west’s doctors, what will Debra Morgan do now with her own Brother being the bad guy. Is Victoria Grayson really dead? So many questions and almost 5-6 weeks to go.

So lately my obsession with Vampire Diaries is making me doubt my love for Twilight series.

Am i cheating on Twilight?

I feel bad for Robert Pattison, not only did cute but crazy K-Stew cheated on him I too have found someone else. Yes, it’s true my love for Edward has been jeopardized by the very awesome, hot and good looking Damon Salvatore. Man! He is amazing. Okay yes he is mean and a vampire version of Hulk, but he is good looking, has beautiful eyes, great smile, he is good looking and ofcourse he is good looking. Vampire Diaries has made me forget Twilight and I don’t know how it happened.


I mean i still love Edward and his unconditional loving character but Damon is better looking. Dammit! He is cryptic. I’m so torn apart.

I love you both!!!!

Okay! Tomorrow I need to shop for running shoes because I can’t really run every day in my canvas shoes. Ever since I have started playing everyday I have become lot better in handling my mood swings or rather controlling them enough to stop from turning into a green monster. I read once that exercise is a great way to fight stress and depression.

Running and exercising is good for a Super Hero

Got to go now because its party time…in my case time for a late night movie on my laptop.


11 thoughts on “Sorry Edward, but i’ve got another Vampire now!!

  1. Hahaha, I love that dancing bat man! And the running spiderman! Great pictures!
    And how funny you write about Edward vs Damen, because I was just about to do the same today – I had to stop though, because I was drooling to much … As you know, I’m not a fan of Robbie, but maaaan, that Ian … be still my beating heart! Oops, here comes the drooling, gotta save my keyboard, and think of something else immediately!
    Have fun with movie watching, and have a great weekend 🙂

    • hahaha thankyou Pia for liking it
      the pictures just happened to be there i was lucky to find the right one.. 🙂
      youa re right its hard to not drool over Damon…
      Ian is so gorgeous and handsome that i feel bad for ditching Rob
      i mean if im going crazy over him i wonder how others feel..
      do you know he and Elena are dating in real life 🙂

      • I so agree, Ian is GORGEOUS! I think his charms works on everyone, no matter what!
        And no, I didn’t know that about him and “Elena”, but it sure makes sense, they’ve really got sparks between them on screen! (Oh, how I would love to be in her shoes!)

  2. So glad to hear that exercising gives you some relief. It definitely does for me….when I can buckle down and do it — ha ha. As much as I love summer, I am also getting itchy for my fall TV to start….and actually, to get back in more of a routine with the kids and (gasp!) work. I certainly hope R-Patz is not reading your blog today….your betrayal may be too much to take on top of an already rough week (hee hee).

  3. I tried reading Vampire Diaries. After reading the first three books, I was exhausted because of the mental trauma this series was giving me. I started reading the fourth one but could never complete it. I think Twilight, in that case, is much better than Vampire Diaries(I have read the Twilight series; some of the books even twice). Well, I am a guy and I think that is what bars me from going further through another emotional trauma if I continue reading Vampire Diaries! 🙂

    • hahaha…i get it…i dont know any guy who has read Twilight…
      truth is i havent read a single Vampire Diaries just watching the show…i didnt even knew there were book until i saw them on shelf on a book store..
      as for twilight i finished all the books so quickly that i felt sad later..i had no more twilight to read 😉

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