Super Heroes like technology too…!!!!

BBM, GTalk, WhatsApp and FB chat are few places where most of my friends live. All I have to do is ping them a HI and get a reply or not. Crazy isn’t it? I remember time when I was new in this city and I had no mobile phone back then, I used to write letters to my friend every week and wait for hers. I would often go to a phone booth to make a call and talk to her, while trying to count money in pocket and ignoring impatient looks of people waiting for me to leave the phone so they can do the same.

What’s my point? Nothing I was just missing few of my friends and I was wondering how thankful I’m to technology, mobile phones, BBM, GTalk, WhatsApp and what not.

Last night I saw Wanderlust and man it’s horrible. Some comedies are beyond my comfort zone and this was one of them. I like Jennifer Aniston but I’m not sure if I feel the same about most of her movies. I loved her as Rachael Green more. I think they should make a movie on FRIENDS, because the show was as Barney says legendary. My favourite character from character has to be Monica. Why? I don’t know.

I’m totally tired today; I missed some of my friends a lot today. Problem with Friendships day is that most of my friends are away living in different cities and it gets little sad thinking about good times like school, college or early years of office.

Wishing you all a happy friendships day, thankyou for being so awesome to me.

Got to go early today.


14 thoughts on “Super Heroes like technology too…!!!!

  1. Hey Superhero Miss!
    now don’t get all upset ’bout signor Federer okay? plizzz!
    didn’t really want to watch the game (had no time-was cleaning the big mess in the new bathroom)..but hubby was watching now and then…so I saw..
    Sooo sorry he lost. At one point I was imagining a newspaper headline- “Federer agreed -for an undisclosed amount of pounds- to loose game so Murray can be hero at London home”… really..
    it was that BAD! So obviously I thought about You the whole game..
    I really hope you don’t get mad on Federer,I’m pretty sure this was a gift to Murray :):):)

    how’s your pretty little car by the way? all repaired?

    I’m very slow with blogging in the last…2 weeks.. 😦 sorry..


    • Hahahaha… You are so so sweet.. I loved it the way you were worried about me being upset… I mean I would have been but now I’m not… 🙂 thankyou
      I missed the match so I have no idea how bad it was..glad I missed it 😛 or I would have been all upset..
      Seeing roger lose a match always upsets me.

      How’s the unpacking and work going on? Is it still hectic? How’s Eddie? 🙂

      My car is new and good 🙂 fixed like nothing ever happened. For a week I was on scooter missing my car.

      Hope everything is going great with the new house and shifting 🙂 hugs

  2. Happy friendship day! I so look forward to seeing when you’ve stopped by my blog…you make the sweetest comments. 🙂

      • Yes, it is a classic. I remember we used to watch it religiously lol. Nothing much on tv that really grabs me any more. I’d rather play online or mess with my blog 😀

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