Little people say grow-up not grow old ….!!!!

Yesterday I missed my blog, I could’ve written my diary but I didn’t. I just can’t anymore; I don’t want anymore memories stored in bundle of pages. Let me tell you a truth about me, I’m a person who doesn’t really like to talk about old incidents or get into memory talks. Not anymore. So when a friend is like remember that time, I prefer to nod and smile but not actually share what I remember and how I feel about that incident. Why? Simple, memories are reminder of absence of things and people.

I’m not a strong person, yes I do call myself a super hero but I’m not, but a gal has to keep up her appearances. Funny, it was a pretty ok day yet I can’t help but feel a sense of gloom over me. I think I’m tired, it’s the whole work and also I haven’t played for past 3 days now. I need to play, keeps me happy.

So while I hate it when people tell me to grow up, because it makes me guilty and yes I’m supposed to be a grown by now, a funny thing happened day before yesterday. I’m like working and this girl comes to me

Girl: Hi, I have a serious headache

Me: what happened?

Girl: Hangover, was partying all night in Score (it’s a major discotheque in this city)

Me: Oh, you want some coffee?

Girl: No, I’m fine

Me: (looking here and there wondering what now)

Girl (continuing despite the fact that I rarely talk much) you know had so much to drink last night. Even my sister got drunk

Girl: She was so drunk I had to control her and stop her from going crazy

Girl: We were totally drunk

Girl: My sister didn’t go to college today

Girl: It’s her first day you know

Girl: She was so drunk she refused to recognize our guy friend, the one who came with us

Girl: I’m such a mess right now

Girl: Blah blah blah blah blah

I was trying to smile, nod and give the right expressions at right time, while wishing and praying someone would come and interrupt us with heavy load of merciless work because I can take the work. In next two minutes she got up and went over to someone else’s desk and I was left wondering why I was not like that.

I mean she is my age, she out partying and getting drunk and going all crazy, why was I not enjoying her tale of “my sister and I got drunk”? Truth is I think this is where I actually feel grown up, little too much. I found it not cool, that she let her sister get drunk and miss the first day of college, she was out late night partying in a city where she just has friends and no family. Maybe now I’m old, maybe now I’m literally acting like parents. Or maybe (to make me feel little better) I was just annoyed by her getting too friendly and the party isn’t the reason. Maybe I’m not grown up; maybe I was just not in mood to hear about the “I partied all night” from someone i’m not friends with. Maybe, its not the talk its the fact that i didn’t wanted to be her person.

So many excuses, I can go on. But to be honest when she left I just wanted to say “really you let your sister miss her first day? What’s wrong with kids today?” See this is how my mum should react, not me. Dammit! My issue have turned me into a crazy woman. 😛 😦



Little people say grow up not grow old ….!!!



13 thoughts on “Little people say grow-up not grow old ….!!!!

  1. What you’re saying today reminds me of several conversations that I’ve had with my sister in the past. She’s a few years younger than me, but has always been more of an ˝old soul˝, and feels much the same as you about a lot of interactions she has at work and out and about. You have to be true to who you are…never think you “should” be more like someone else. 🙂

    • hehe..say hello to your sister from me…
      i dont wish to be her (the office girl) but i was really wondering how grown-up i’m when compared to some girls of my age.. 😛 i mean we both are 26 yet i m not the party kind like she is… does that makes me a freak? i hope not.
      in my defense i was crazy and fun too in college, i mean long time ago 🙂

      • There you go! You should tell “office girl” that you’re a “retired” partier – and that you partied so hard they “retired” your beer glass. You’re definitely not a freak…although, aren’t we ALL in our own way?

    • hahaha…thankyou Meeka because i needed to know im not the only one who found it all weird and uncool…
      i would never let my younger brother (if he was under my supervision in another city away from home) miss his first day of college.. i mean he can party all he want but getting drunk and crazy on night before his first day and then missing the college because of a heavy way ..

      • For me growing up has nothing to do with age – I know some people my age who aren’t at all grown up! Growing up means taking responsibility for your life – in the long term as well as the short term.

        Your colleague from work doesn’t sound very grown up at all.

  2. It is mega irritating when people think ‘i got drunk’ is a story. It’s barely worth opening your mouth to say for Godsakes. Maybe, *maybe* if while Betty was drunk something happened to her, which was the true message behind the story, it would be worth her saying. Or perhaps as an explanation for feeling poorly or some other event of the morn. But mostly ‘i got drunk’ just precedes descriptions and measures of how drunk Betty was. Booo, bo-ring.

  3. You sound pretty grown up, grown up in the good way. You’re not boring or getting old, you’re just responsible and thinking clearly. Being young and stupid is not all it’s cracked up to be. Enjoy being wiser 🙂

  4. I do laundry most Friday nights and I’m 20… We can stay in and not party together. I would have said the same thing to her though, about why she let her sister miss her first day of college.

    You don’t sound old Little, you sound responsible!

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