Find a way…!!!!

Find a way

I will

Back to you

To what slipped away

Before I could say

A word

I have no where

Else to go, I swear

We did walked

A good road

You were my savior I told

You this and will keep saying

I know you will come back

Something in me keeps praying

Have I lost you forever?

I didn’t meant it, never

Would I hurt you?

But I broke hearts

Yours and mine

Painted darkness over sunshine

You brought to me

Could you find a way?

To forgive me

I can’t it take back

There are untold stories on my rack

Don’t give me another chance

Because I would do the same dance

Sing the same song

Would not undo the wrong

I have no other way to go

But I want you to know

I love you so

I wish you could look at me again

Make it go away, the pain

Buried deep seeping out

In silence I shout

In darkness I bleed

From my eyes & try to hide

If only I had you by my side

Would you turn back?

Smile and hold me for once

I don’t need a chance

But I might need a hand

Like waves on sand

I’m slipping away

To you, I wish I could

Find a way….!!!!


5 thoughts on “Find a way…!!!!

  1. Yep..pic bhi and write up bhi..
    pic drives me curious somehow..the first thought that comes to after lukin at the pic is.. ” is she sad, or is she just thinking” or is it the music’s enigma and provokes me to ask “why so serious” ..

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