When Little did NOTHING….!!!!

Weekend came and went away like a wind, but it was so fun. I mean I did everything I wanted to, except the book shopping. What did I do? NOTHING. Yay! I did nothing for two whole days I did not do anything I didn’t wanted to do. It was like the most amazingly awesome days with me being the laziest soul on this planet. I didn’t even get out of my house to buy me some junk, I used my lovely sisterly puppy look and blackmailed my brother to get me ice-cream. See I was that lazy.

Doing nothing is so awesome, the feeling is priceless. I wrote Dominique, I read a book and I enjoyed the delicious cups of coffees made by truly yours i.e. Me. You should know that I have given up making coffee and I use my talent only when I really don’t have the energy to go out and spend money. But I would also like to tell you if you like Cappuccino, then you have to visit me once…just once.

Not many people (except 3 three people including me) knows this that I had this fantasy of growing up rich and having my own coffee shop. Big one. Yes, that’s the kind of teenager I was…dreaming weird was my speciality. I also thought I would be an astronaut, then I wanted to be a writer, then an actress (funny because I’m actually tiny, tiny like Aria tiny…but hey isn’t she an actress too), then I wanted to be a journalist, then a radio jockey and now I again want to be a writer. You know I think I’m a fun person, if you ignore these creepy ideas of mine. Plus I make best Cappuccino and equally amazing tomato cheese sandwiches.

Man I’m enjoying doing nothing, I’m even blogging about nothing in particular. I’m that much into NOTHING. Good thing this week has a one day off on Wednesday, so I’m not really troubled about Monday that much. I plan to restart my workout by Wednesday-Thursday.

Height of my laziness was that I was in my parent’s room all day, lying in front of TV and watching whatever was on. Mostly it was the Olympics. Why is this weird? I don’t watch TV and I don’t spend much time in my parent’s room.

I’m going to go back to Dominique now; I’m really getting the grip back on it. In fact last night when I turned off the lights and went to bed I got this another idea for another story, but I’m not touching it not unless I finish Dominique. While I might take eternity to finish my Harry Potter I do aim to finish Dominique by 2012. Yes for a change I have set a goal, a deadline. It’s not going to be easy though because I suffer from crazy mood swings which usually stop me from doing anything I like. But that’s the challenge; I have to complete Dominique no matter what. I’m not sure if I wish to publish it because if I do I will have to make certain changes in my original plot but that will make me sad. Let’s see.

Got to go now, have some pages to write before I drop dead till morning. Goodnight world..!!

Leaving you guys with a creative cover version. The guy has used no music instrument just voices made by him.


10 thoughts on “When Little did NOTHING….!!!!

  1. I’m so glad your weekend turned out exactly how you wanted it to! It’s a blessing not having to do anything when you absolutely needs to do nothing! 🙂
    Happy for your deadline, hope you’ll keep it, and if not, I just know it’ll be okay anyway. 🙂

    • it was 🙂 i think i just recharged every dying cell in my body by not doing anything…i was on vacation in my house… 😉

      …after the kind of week i had in office i really needed my brain to shut down…not doing anything saved me…now i think im ready for Monday…i know i have a busy day tomorrow and day after but i think im okay now… 🙂

  2. I used to want to own a horse ranch. Then I wanted to be an assassin, then a figure skater, then a singer, then a famous guitar player, then a climatologist, then start my own bakery, then be a really good pole dancer… Guess we’re both really weird. And I don’t watch TV either! Good luck with Dominique and I hope you’re having a good Monday 🙂

    • guitar player? you know guitar? wow…i wish i knew guitar…
      yep we both are weird…hehehe 😀
      Thankyou..i really hope i stick with my deadline..
      Monday was nice…busy super busy but amazingly very decent.. hope you have an amazing Monday too… 🙂

  3. oh NO! YOU didn’t!!!! Lazy Little bee!!!
    Actually You Think you were the laziest on the planet but you’ve got competition!!! …yes..meeeee!
    in any case..if you watched tv..then you were not as lazy as me 🙂 I actually fell asleep on the couch we have outside 🙂 while Eddie was playing football and while the Ice cream truck was singing in the street.. uff I actually was tired ..:) lazy tired !

  4. oh and..at kindergarden (daycare)..I answered at the stupidest question on earth -what do you want to be when you grow up?- I want to be a doctor…like all girls..
    and then..I decided to be a gymnast…only because I was one..
    then an athlete.. because I was in a sport club of athletes…
    and so on.. I actually did some of the stuff I wanted to..
    but I never imagined photography to be my main “passion”/hobby/’joby’

    Becoming a mother is good enough for me to be when I grew up! 🙂
    (okay..and secretly a super hero spy ) 🙂

    • you know i once had this obsession of learning photography which is funny because i cant even click a nice from my phone…but i had this thing that i want to learn it..never got to it…
      you did gymnast? that is so impressive…
      o and i also wanted to join army …wanted to become a soldier..true story 🙂

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