The Versatile Blogger Award Nomination….!!!!

Blogging has becomes an eternal part of me, if I don’t blog I don’t feel good. It’s like there was something missing today. Something doesn’t feel good, maybe it’s because my blog has become what my diaries were once to me. I still have all my diaries and I love them, each one of them, even the ones that are so blue, so dark, and so miserably sad that I too find it difficult to believe I am the girl inside. And now I blog, each post, each poem, each comment and like makes me happy.

And the whole I love blogging becomes even more special when I get an award. This morning I’m busy being Batman in Gotham city when a red light beeps on my blackberry and I see an invisible “You’ve got mail” line… Expressionistaura just nominated me for a The Versatile Blogger Award.

She loves coffee, she loves writing and most importantly she loves writing on paper (me too me too), she is talented and she loves books too. She is so much like me. Just visit her once and you will love her.

Thank you so very much Expressionistaura, you are awesome.

I have to now nominate around 15 more bloggers and have to tell 7 things about me. Now, 7 things about me…

1-      I don’t do make-up not even a drop of it. I get up take a bath, wear my tees-Denims-shoes, fix my hair and I’m ready. Of course my mother doesn’t like it.

2-      I have weird phobias and one of them is about sitting behind someone on a bike. Can’t do that. So scared of sitting behind someone in a bike or scooter, even though I myself drive at crazy speed when on my scooter.

3-      I am bad with gadgets and modern video games. I come from Mario Brothers era.

4-      While watching Avengers I was busy praying to movie God to not kill Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulder). During first few minutes when she comes and the bad guy escapes and there is this chase, I’m like “please don’t die please please please”.

5-      Ever since I lost the chess thingy I’m scared of playing chess.

6-      While a lot many people think I wish to go Ireland or UK because of movies like Leap Year and PS I love you, it’s not true. It’s because of a book I once read (do not remember the story or the author or even the title…funny i know).

7-      I can’t share my bed with anyone. Of course this doesn’t apply to Snowy who is currently busy sleeping on one corner of my bed.

I would like to dedicate and nominate this blog to every person who follows me and the ones I follow. This is for all of you, because quite frankly you guys are awesome. Thanks to wordpress I have made so many friends, people who don’t know me but still care. Few of these bloggers have become a special part of my blogging. Thankyou!

Yay! i got a nomination…Wordpress makes me feel like a celebrity..whoo!!