More from Dominique part 3 …..!!!!

As i drove away from the prison, all i could think of was Dominique. What happened Dom? What happened?  I asked. Seeing Dominique like this brought old dusty memories alive. I couldn’t help but think of the time when Dominique was trying to fix me.

“You know you think too much”

“What do you mean I think too much?” I asked

“Well for starters if you did something wrong, you had reasons. “She took a bite of her pizza “and now the guilt is making you do whatever he wants you to do.”

“No it’s not true” How could she know that I asked myself “it’s so not true”

“O it is. You did something wrong and so did he. Hey I did something” She paused for a second and I could see her clutching her slice too tightly “So you don’t kill yourself for that? Right?” She looked at me. The question felt more like it was meant for her and not me. Like she wanted my answer on it.

“No of course you don’t” I didn’t know why but I had to say this instantly.

“There you go. And you do not have to worry about getting drunk, just don’t do it when you are alone” she signalled the waitress to pour us some coffee

“You okay?” I asked

“Me? Yeah of course” she laughed it away “aren’t you forgetting something? I’m here trying to help you” Dominique knew how to keep her calm and act cold but somehow she always mystified me. Like she was in pain but she wouldn’t let anyone come close.

“You know Mike told me something about you having a rough time too” I wasn’t sure if I should have said

“Mike is a big brother he suffers from the tendency of worrying. Ignore him” she did not look up. What’s your story?  I asked myself silently.

The sudden honking of cars around me brought me back to present. Dominique came into my life when I was falling apart and she fixed me even when she was broken herself, not letting me see it. I had to do something but I had no idea what on this earth could I do to save the girl who saved me. I took out my phone and dialed a number

“Hey Hon” Howie’s voice brought tears to my eyes

“There is something I have to tell you” was all i could say