The day i couldn’t be Awesome…!!!!

Today someone said something that has hit me hard. Who and what isn’t important, but the words said have stuck inside me like a dagger. I can’t erase them.

Truth is I’m not myself today, I’m not even awesome today. My mind refuses to lie, process things, act cool and believe in hope or faith. I think today even the voices are feeling bad for me.

Just wasn’t my day, its like I almost had a breakdown today. My head hurts right now. I will be dropping dead early tonight. I know what I need, book shopping and a haircut. I need to save myself, cause am breaking into a million pieces and I’m afraid nobody is aware of it.

An update on early morning badminton routine. You would be happy to know I have been getting up early only my friend hasn’t showed up, so no gaming. But hey I didn’t fail myself. Yay! Go Little.

Since am blogging through phone I can’t upload a song, so leaving with a suggestion “keep looking up” by Landon Pigg.


13 thoughts on “The day i couldn’t be Awesome…!!!!

  1. Bummer that your buddy hasn’t been game ready in the morning. Good on you for getting up tho. Just got a haircut myself…and colored my hair at home this evening. Hang on to all of your pieces…..I’ll be thinking of you and hoping that you closed today early and got some sleep.

    • Thankyou… It means a lot to me what you said… ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes I have been getting up at 6 in the morning for past 3days… Its like a big thing for me…I never get up early.. But still haven’t played a single day :P..
      I will get a haircut this weekend hopefully…although it is always difficult…my mum doesn’t like my short hair…

      • Glad to be able to give you a boost!

        So funny (well, maybe not “funny” exactly), but I have super short hair and my dad never like short hair (we were always super close, though, regardless of hairstyle!). I’ve now had short hair for decades and can barely remember having long hair throughout the time I lived at home!

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