Something from Dominique…!!!!

I am thinking about changing name of my story to Goldstar…long story will tell you why some other time……

Every time I thought that it was the last time I was seeing Kristine I ended up being wrong. Two days later, I went for lunch with Annie to a Terrace cafe.

“I think you should have said yes for the road trip” Annie said. I told her all about Kristine and Tim.

“Nah! I don’t know. I really don’t think I should be making any plans. I Have no time.” I didn’t look up and pretended I was busy searching something in the menu card. I knew it’s not easy to lie to her. Mike and Annie just knew when I was lying.

“You know Dom, you can’t really live all your life staying away from people” she held my hand “you deserve to be happy and be like everyone else”


“No more excuses okay. I want you to fight Dom. Please for Mike, for me, for you.” She smiled but I could see the worry in her eyes “and beside you do sound like you had a nice time with those two”

“I think I did…” I saw her eyebrows rising up “Okay fine I did” and we both burst into laughter

“So what do you want to eat?” she asked and signalled a waitress to take our order

“I don’t know I wi…” hearing my name made me stop

“Dom? Hey hi” Kristine was standing next to me dressed in a waitress uniform with a notepad in her hand and a pen.

“Kristine?” I looked up and the surprise on my face was clear “what are you doing here?”

“Just working my shift. I work here on weekdays for 2 hours every day” she looked around “could I get you two ladies something to eat or drink?” she was smiling and for a change was very polite. Am I dreaming? Was what I wanted to ask myself out loud but I didn’t.

“Ah yes! I um I think I will have Mac and Cheese” why are you working here? You have a Lexus. I stopped myself from asking thousands of questions running through my mind.

“And I think I will just have chicken Pasta and some red wine please” Annie said

“I will be right back” Kristine smiled and walked away

“She is pretty, you failed you mention that” Annie gave me a look

“Okay! She is. But why is she here?” I scratched my head

Few minutes later our order was in the table but there was no sign of Kristine. She wasn’t around and I couldn’t find her around other tables.  Annie and I enjoyed our lunch talking about her pregnancy, my plans for my medical exam, Mike and Mike. We even planned a trip to her parent’s lake house next month, when Mike was taking few days off from his classes. I promised Annie I would shift with them once the baby is here because I wouldn’t let her be on her own. We joked about various baby names we did not wanted and how Mike found them pleasing. All this time something was nagging me but I just couldn’t put a finger on it. Only when I was saw Kristine again I realised what it was.

I escorted Annie to her taxi and was walking towards the parking when I realised I left my bike keys on the table. I ran back and found them at the reception counter’s lost and found section.

“Thanks” I smiled at the girl on the reception “excuse me can you tell me where can I find Kristine Cooper? She works here.” I asked “She is a friend of mine” I added that when the receptionist gave me a curious look

“Okay. Her shift is almost over I think. Let me check” she made a call to someone on the top floor “ah yes! She is still here. I think you can find her on the terrace cafe”

I wasn’t sure what I was going to talk to about, but I couldn’t help the feeling nagging me for past one hour. Dressed in her denims and t-shirt, she was standing on the terrace corner smoking. She looked like any other customer.

“Hey” Don’t ‘hey’ Dom…Walk away I could hear voices inside me begging

“Oh hi…I thought you left. I saw you leaving” she threw her cigarette in the ashtray next to her

“Yeh I did…I…um hey can i ask you something?”


“Are you okay? You don’t look okay” I didn’t know if I should have asked that

“Why do you say that?”

“For starters you are nice to me today” and we both laughed “and I don’t know I just felt it”

She took a deep breath and turned towards me “Dom I’m glad I found you here. I wanted to apologise for that night. I was drunk and I don’t know why I end up being like that”

“You don’t have to apologise”

“No I have to…I ruined your date and I was mean to you and now Tim is all mad at me” she was looking at her shoes

“Did you guys have a fight?”

“No no we don’t fight but I know he is kind of mad at me. He won’t tell but I always know. He told me how I behaved with you and how I destroyed your evening too” “I didn’t mean too” She said sheepishly

“Is that why you left our table to someone else?”

“I have already ruined your date once”

“Well that woman with me was my sister in law, my brother’s wife and we were talking about you guys only”

“You were?” she smiled

“Yes, I was telling her how much fun I had with you and Tim.”

“You did?”

“Yes sure…it was a great evening. Besides who doesn’t like to enjoy late night drive to Starbucks” I smiled

“Hey I have an idea…can you help me with Tim?” her eyes were all cheerful again

“What can I do? Tell me?” I wanted to help her

“Decorate and get takeaways…I can’t cook” and we both started laughing.

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